Friday, November 14, 2008

Better Times

The moon trudged
across the night sky
like a bag-lady dressed
in dirty, stringy rags.
Her rusty wire cart
left a trail of faded stars;
wheels eerily squealing
from ghosts of better times.


gautami tripathy said...

The moon is not to be the same again.

Welcome back, Pat! You know we have missed you.

firebird said...

Great to see you back here where you belong!

Your poetry is sharp as ever...
a bit squeaky--maybe a good night's rest?

Elena said...

What a sad and haunting moon this is!
I've seen those moons before.

So glad to see you Pat! I've been checking
for your return.

Masago said...

Delightful! P.S. I at first read "wire cart" as "wine cart". :-)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

fantastic! I get the feel of cold in this - maybe just because it's so cold here tonight.
the picture is in my head now....

Devika said...

Hi Pat!

so long!! & so nice to see you :-)

ehhh- the poem - to me, a bit depressing...the moon should be moving brilliantly...and if it stays!

yeah, but sometimes as it moves i have seen it throwing dust on shining stars..may be just for fun -to make the journey more pleasureful!?


hope all is fine with you..i see some of my good friends here...i'd first met them also here...

Janice Thomson said...

Wow what a fantastic image! So good to read you again Pat.

Bill said...

Welcome back to the fray, pat.

the squeaky wheel
on her shopping cart

Your squeaky wheel reminded me of this, although they are obviously very different. Yours is much more cosmic and very good, too.

dsnake1 said...

Pat, you have not lost your touch, still as sharp as ever. :)

i love the images you painted. now, why do i keep thinking about the current global financial mess after reading your poem? :)

jel said...

glad ya are back!

and thanks for stopping by!

polona said...

reading you again is a delight!
welcome back :)

gel said...

Even if I wasn't a moon lover, this poem would still elicit tingles.
LOVE this!

Pris said...

Ahhh...I love the way you portray the moon here!