Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gray Cold Cloud

I crawled into the stomach
of a gray cold cloud
hiding from the fire-grip talons of day.

I rode bareback on a worm
through gauzy veils of flash-back memories;
not so good, not too bad.

I wrote anecdotes on naked roots
of roadside flowers, billboards,
for the dirt-blind eyes of sniffing sneaks.

I wished in the well
of a dromedary king, all
in the stomach of a gray cold cloud.

Authors note:
I promise I'm not stoned, tripped-out, or stumbling drunk through the labyrinth of insanity. Of course, you may see it otherwise.


Devika said...

Your note made me laugh, Pat..i just can't hold myself :)

I can take all this as very sane thoughts, but could never in the wildest dream write like this,

Enjoyed it, Pat.
came many a time here in nice to see you again, Pat :)


Devika said...

"wildest dream imagine to write like this.."

that statement is in no way comparative, Pat...just wondering how effectively it all could be said :)

gautami tripathy said...

Loved the ins and outs in this.

Writing anecdotes on naked roots is one of my wishes.

Good to see you back, Pat. Hope you stay this time.

sage said...

Yeah, I was seeing otherwise!

Margie said...

I really enjoyed this!
Made me smile :)
Good always!

Nice to see you back, Pat!


jel said...

sounds painful !

but glad too know ya still kicking :)

Masago said...

ha ha... easy to see otherwise. :-)

dsnake1 said...


i bet you met the White Rabbit from wonderland. :)

firebird said...

So who needs to be sane, anyway?
I prefer a loose grip on "reality", myself...

Hope your cloud turns more hospitable--better not to stay cold and gray TOO long--

Enjoyed the poem, may we see more of you soon!

Janice Thomson said...

"I wrote anecdotes on naked roots
of roadside flowers.." - love this line Pat! Good to have you back in full form :)

Bill said...

a day in the life . . .

polona said...

sounds perfectly sane to me.
then again, who am i to judge...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well, I completely understand it. You're better to say it, though. :)

Devika said...

Pat..its been a long time,
Won't you be back??