Friday, July 13, 2007

When The Wind Blows

Trees, why do you tease the wind
with your green tasseled skirts
lifted above your waists?
What can you hope to gain
from your flirtatious wiggling about?

The wind is nothing but pure lust;
no semen in the thrusting of its loin.
You know this, yet, you continue to undress.

Don’t you hear the mocking bird
laughing at your silliness? The cardinal
flew behind the neighbors house
embarrassed by the gyrating of your trunks.

Enough! Enough! of this XXX exposé.

It’s not so much I mind you acting like a tart,
I’m just tired of cleaning up your mess.


floots said...

made me smile
thank you

Janice Thomson said...

That's a humorous and unique perspective Pat. Much enjoyed!

Nikki said...

I too am smiling. I never would have reached this prespective of looking at trees, falling leaves. Very interesting.

polona said...

i'm smiling still. no mean feat after a frustrating day (just the usual irritations of life)

Katie McKenna said...

So delightfully amusing!

sage said...

That's a hoot, nice and playful

Masago said...

Just wait till Autumn!

Nancy said...

To Flippen Funny. I will save this one for the fall here in New England.
love your work

gautami tripathy said...

Pat, this was excellent. What a way to look at a tree!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've never thought of it like this! Only you could do this.:)

gracie said...

He he! So funny... I'll never look at a tree the same way again.

dsnake1 said...


and we, the grass, have stiff necks looking up...

Don Iannone said...

Really good poem. As for mocking bird, an item in my poem from Friday as well. Interesting.

lainey said...

just wait till fall

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Floots!!

Thanks Janice!!

Nikki, I try to get creative when I have things to do I don't want to. Usually to try and get out of them. Thanks!!

Polona, glad to be of help!!Especially if it gets me a wow!

Thanks Katie!! Did we ever decide which noon??

Thanks Sage!!

Vaughn, that's why God made riding lawnmowers.

Nancy, I appreciate your kind comment. Please come back.

Gautami, Thank you!!

Andrew you make me blush...

Gracie, I'm glad I could provide a new perspective.

Dsnake, I ain't touching that!!

Don, its hard to ignore those mouthy little birds.

Lainy, I've been waiting longer than that...

Rax said...

:chuckles: at "Enough! Enough! of this XXX exposé."

you have made my day :) really enjoyed this

Pris said...

Those naughty trees;-) shame shame,

I like this.

tongue in cheek said...

Is it safe to say you blow our skirts up too :)

mana said...

Blagodaria ! ( Thanks !) very fresh lemon indeed . That you can feel it it is our privilige too... Cheers!