Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Howling Madness

The wind, like a rabid dog,
mauled the tender skin of my face tearing
succulent warmth with carnivorous icy teeth.

Trembling trees with cowardice,
bare to the curves and fractures of their spines,
moaned with sympathy, but, dared not
pull the beast from the feast of my suffering.

I endured the ferocity, the viciousness
of its demented assault; gathered
an arm full of fat lighter and dry logs
to soothe the stinging in my wounded cheeks.

Thank you all for your kind offerings, and continued support with my long absences. Hopefully this will change soon and I can get back to doing what I love best, well, second best anyway.


floots said...

"blow blow thou winter wind" eh pat
nice one
always pleased to read your work
here's to a better 2008

jel said...

real good to hear from ya!!!!!

Rethabile said...

We hope so, too, Pat. A happy 2008 to you and yours.

Bill said...


let's make it a good one
without any fear . . .
for a change

Queen Neetee said...

Hi Pat,
Just checking in after what feels like a lifetime. I see that you're still on fire, even in the icy wind.

Write on! Good work friend.

Janice Thomson said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here's wishing you the best in 2008.

gracie said...

The wind has not blown out the fire in the garden... Season's Greetings to you, Pat.

Masago said...

Wow, awesome!

Richard Kay said...

If poetry is No. 2 on the list, I'm guessing golf must be No. 1. ;-)

dsnake1 said...

still, your words as powerful as a storm. :)

boulies said...

Well Pat, you've done it again! Another truly rich work. It was worth the wait. I've been checking in. So glad to see you.

Have a great time bringing in the New Year!

firebird said...

Perhaps this is why men grow hair on their faces?
(some men more so than others)

Here's to a warm January...and an early Spring!

gulnaz said...

wow you capture the season so perfectly!!!
happy happy new year!!

sage said...

yes, you've been missed, but I'd have to say that the wind doesn't blow that cold down in GA. I'd love to have some of that fat lighter wood to start my fires up here--one of the books I got for Christmas and have read about half of (and enjoying) is "Looking for Longleaf" about the Longleaf Pine forest that extended from the Carolinas and Georgia through the south to Texas--threes that made good lighter wood.

C said...

this is a great poem - thanks!

Don Iannone said...

Pat: Wishing you bright stars, sweet dreams, deep laughter, peace in the middle of a snowstorm, and warm sunny mornings sittin' in the sun. Happy New Year! Don