Monday, January 21, 2008

Favorite Time Of Day

I walk Murphy, my Australian Sheppard mix,
most days, but, with the wind chill being 14
he’s just going to have to bark, whine,
growl--under his breath, and bounce off the walls.

A rescue we got back in June, that didn’t know
how to play with toys, people, nor other dogs.
He was scared to death of men, but, never me,
which I thought was very strange.

All of the above has favorably changed:
he scatters his toys all over the house, and
some things that cause us disdain. We walk
with a regular group of four, or five bitches--
all their owners are female too. It is our favorite
time of day, I hope my long johns can be found.


jel said...

what does the cat think of him?

take care!

Queen Neetee said...

I love this 'everyday touch' of wonderful writing. You've painted such a comfortable tangible mind visual.

The kindness and trust shared between all of the souls here is such a joy to read about.

Very much enjoyed Pat.

boulies said...

Great name, Murphy. And thanks for taking me along for the stroll with you, Murphy, and the bitches! I got my subliminal exercise for the day, and had fun doing it.

Masago said...

"I thought was very strange"... :-)

Richard Kay said...

Go Aussie go! :-)

Margie said...

Nice one, Pat!
I enjoyed it!
I must tell you, when I walk my dog Jake, it's my favorite time of day, too!


trinitystar said...

Never failing to put a smile on my face ... Walkies!

floots said...

words from a wise old dog :)
thanks pat

Katie McKenna said...

lol.. too funny.. I have 4 dogs, rescues.. all female... so cold here one went under the porch and refused to come out.


Kai C. said...

my favorite time of day is that i like to write poems

Anonymous said...

Pure Pat

Russell Ragsdale said...

We seem to get snow about every other day and the temperature range stays between -15 and -30 Celsius night and day. I walk my little dog but sometimes she isn't as happy to go as she usually is, lately. I don't care what the weather report says, I know what cold means. Good luck finding those long johns!

gautami tripathy said...

A story! I love it!

polona said...

how did i miss commenting on that one?
humans are not that much different from dogs, are we!
delightful stuff!

sage said...

I have an australian shepherd mix too... he loves the cold and the snow and the wind chill around here has been real cold