Sunday, February 17, 2008


Here are two poems by my grandson Aaron Stallman. A proud offering by a proud grandfather!!

Those who live in times of was,
and those who live in trophies or honors.
Those who see not life,
they are blind with vision dark as night,
for they see just their past.

Listen advice as old as time itself,
see the day,
live the future,
forget the Past.
Keep marching forward,
your battle is not over.

By Aaron Stallman

Everytime I hear sir names,
I see their faces.
Wonder who they were,
why they were,
and when.

Everytime I hear sir names,
the faces of past I see.
This gift I bear,
I know not how,
why, I cannot say.
One thing I know,
this gift I'll bear always.

By Aaron Stallman


jel said...

a chip off the old block! (not that u r old) :)

that was good!

Masago said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

You should be proud!! That's wonderful. How old is he? Did you have your 1st child when you were 10??? You can't be that old. :)

floots said...

must be in the genes
well done aaron

Don Iannone said...

Wonderful! Put this guy on Ed Sullivan!

polona said...

wow, these are deep.
i, too, wonder how old aaron is... but well done in any case!

sage said...

didn't know poetry was a genetic trait!

writerwoman said...

I see much talent in this young poet. Thanks for sharing his work.

Bill said...

Justly proud, I'd say. My granddaughter is only six months old, but she shows promise.

And, to vary Andrew's theme, I can't be that young!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

So Pat I hope that you are encouraging thse young ones to enter our profession. They are talented kids. I love the fact that they are so into writing. Some think it a lost art form. Oh but it is alive and kicking rather strongly.

Thank you Pat for sharing this with us.


Katie McKenna said...

Wow! So fabulous Aaron! Thank you!

My oldest just won an essay contest. It really makes me happy to see the younger children expressing themselves!

Margie said...

Great poems from your grandson!
Thanks for sharing them Pat!
He is very talented!


Isadora said...

:) You've the comment turned off on the 19th - but we won't go there anyway - especially not, since I just had a birthday. Thankfully, neither of my children thought of turning me into a grandma but that is merely by choice and not because they couldn't have years ago :)

trinitystar said...

Aaron seems to have an insight on life. Keep it up! Well done!

gautami tripathy said...

For a thirteen year old, Aaron's poetry is very deep. Very layered. However, we do not expect anything less from your grandson!

Janice Thomson said...

Hi Pat!
Gosh these are insightful for someone Aaron's age. Excellent!
Good to be back at your blog again Pat.

Kai C. said...

just like grandfather grandson

jel said...

thank for stopping by!

boulies said...

Wonderful to see such depth in the mind of a young man such as Aaron. How proud you must be, Pat. Thank you for sharing these. And please thank Aaron also.

Amalendu said...

nice ones...

winkman1 said...


This is very very cool for Aaron!!!! They were written so long ago!!!! Man the kid STILL must have the GIFT!!! You must cultivate it!!!!!! Very cool indeed!!!!