Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What happened????????????

I lost February's poems.


Masago said...

Not sure. But I also notice someone just added some big text to your Tuesday, August 07, 2007 entry.

sage said...

Wow, that's not good! On another subject, were an OA member?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've never seen such a thing! Worries me - hope I don't get it....

boulies said...

Sorry to see that happen to you Pat. Did you try writing Blogger about it? I wonder if they can somehow be retrieved. Sure hope so.

Don Iannone said...

Hum. Not good, Pat. The suggestion of contacting Blogger is right on. They were able to restore my site once after I deleted it.

Then, your next poem must be entitled: "Lost February"

Pat Paulk said...

Vaughn, I went back and looked and some nut sure did. How could you tell it was just added? And how can I delete it?

gautami tripathy said...

Pat, this is terrible! I checked that entry too on August 07, 2007.

I don't know how masago knew about it. I had a feeling that your posts have diminished too. For the february entries, message at help!

I will send the link.

To delete that entry, you can see a small box at the end of it, when you sign in. Click it and it will take you to another page asking you to delete forever. Click that checkbox and hit delete!

It is there at the end of all the comments. That is how I delete unwanted comments.

gautami tripathy said...

Click here and explore:

blogger help group

If you have any problem, email me at:

gautami dot tripathy at gmail dot com

BTW, my lethargy of the mind seems to have gone!

Thanks to you!


Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Gautami! Mine has snuggled up under the thin gray matter in my brain and plans to stay awhile.

Margie said...

Gosh, Pat...that is awful!
Hope it doesn't happen again!
Take care!


polona said...

can you trace any unusual visits?
damn, i hate things like that happening!

Bill said...

Bad news indeed, Pat. I'm glad some of our friends, like Gautami, seem to have some idea of steps you might take.

Where are the men in gray suits when you need them?

Masago said...

I knew about the big entry as I use a news reader (Sharpreader). I have it configured to show me any changes in all my favorite blogs.