Monday, March 24, 2008

Cleaning Required (Or Not)

You said I was looking down your blouse;
it was your pony tail,
that flopped from the back to the front,
when you bent over to get something from your bag.

It looked like a tilted fountain of hair
streaming strands in a carefree circle,
on filaments of shadows and light.

Of course when you questioned my gaze
I couldn’t believe I’d let such an opportunity pass.
I’ll promise you this: if your shirt should be
so risqué again,
my eyes will be tracking in dirt from my mind,
hope it won’t be too hard to clean.


iimagyne said...

lol that was too cute, nothing like a good clean laff with words of soulful expression- i luv it!

i can't wait to read more...i'm a new blogger and u are already one of my FAVORITES

sage said...

Thanks for the laugh and the visuals...

gautami tripathy said...

Now I don't know! Whether I should be angry or laughing?!

Masago said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what's your excuse when she doesn't have a pony tail?? :)

Don Iannone said...

Two takes on this reality you've birthed: Best close thy eyes and not be tempted. Or, open thy eyes and see the world in all its fullness.

We tend to get in the most trouble when we peek, or steal a glance. That in-between strategy gets us in bigger trouble. This pertains to most things in life. Wouldn't you say?

Janice Thomson said...

I do like how you described her hair though Pat. Like Don's take on this LOL

floots said...

just got in from a long drive - and this really cheered me up :)
thanks pat

polona said...

ha, of course you will look, what else are eyes for?

dsnake1 said...


way to start a day. :)

Bill said...

spring wind
she catches me reading
her t-shirt

Elena said...

Funny, Pat. At least she didn't smack you. Tell her that her "ponytail" inspired great poetry and that you've immortalized her through your words. She'll love it!