Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blessed Dysfunctional Clouds

The thunderstorm, that needed Viagra
to express its pleasure as a virile entity,
cooled the afternoon enough so I could
sit on the back deck, and listen to a hoot owl
and hawk harmonize on the same dinner melody.
I’ll never know if the screech, or the hoot,
won the take-out prize, but, I thoroughly
enjoyed the dysfunction of the afternoon storm.


tongue in cheek said...

Ah it is so good to be back to your poetic blog post.
I feel I'm a sitting on that porch of yours drinking it in!

Janice Thomson said...

We don't get the heat like you do Pat
but I sure enjoy your images of a approaching thunderstorm.

floots said...

nice one
like the idea of the avian sing-off :)

polona said...

heavy grey clouds hanging low in the sky here for a few days already... i think i'd prefer your storm, especially with added avian audio effects

boulies said...

We woke up this morning to thunder here in So Calif. Wondered what state I was in for a moment. Your poem suits this day perfectly as I'm looking out my window at the birds enjoying their day.

Russell Ragsdale said...

I love it that you are the glorious poet of the porch, the sidewalk golf course, and the boat dock. I love the flesh you slander so humorously and extraordinarily in such ordinary circumstances. I know there are sententious poets of wide renown that look down on such humble themes but I'm afraid you show how that should be held against them.

gulnaz said...

painted a lovely lovely scene there! felt like i was there and i loved the idea of the feathered singing contest

Masago said...

Much to take in with these words. :-)

jel said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

viagra and thunderstorms?? Only you could do that. :)

Shane said...

i give you a hoot and a hollar on that one. :)

NINANINA said...

Thnaks Pat! hoot and screech.... good anticipatory dinner sounds! maybe those birds can come get my possums. H ah. thanks for the visit!

sage said...

nicely done!

Kranti said...

good one pat. New poem on my blog too...check it out.

Katie McKenna said...

lovely tale! :)

Scarlet said...

We've had a quiet summer, considering Hurrican Season started in June. No major storms, but I like a good thunder shower every now and then, especially while browsing in a bookstore or reading a good novel by the picture window at home.

steve said...

A very good laugh about the storm, Pat - and the harmonies of those very different birds after the same thing. (viral => virile ?)

steve said...
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gautami tripathy said...

August was so dry. Hope Sept gets us those Dysfunctional Clouds!

It is always a pleasure to read your poetry. Such vivid images.

dsnake1 said...


Bill said...

distant lightning
the thunder
we don't hear

trinitystar said...

I love a storm ... and your rendition of it is wild!
loved it.

Rethabile said...

I envy the moment. I do. You have a way...

Don Iannone said...

Great one!

Where are you, Pat? Hope all is well.

Pat Paulk said...

Corey, you can come drink on my porch anytime!! Thank you!!

Thanks Janice!! The last two Summers have been brutal.

Thanks Floots!!

Polona, unfortunately it didn't drop enough water. Just alot of spit and fury. Thank you!!

Boulies, thanks!! It's really good to see you coming around.

Russell, you offer such kind praise. One can only be what they are.

Thank you Gulnaz!! It was cool to listen to.

Better the words, than snake or mouse, or chipmunk the winner took. Thanks Vaughn!!

Thanks Janice!!

Andrew, it needed some help to be "productive". Thanks!!

Shane, a hoot and a holler I'll gladly take!!

Nina, it is always a pleasure to come see what new art you've posted. Thanks!!

Thanks Sage!!

Thanks Kranti, I will!!

Thank you Katie!!

Thanks Scarlett for returning the visit!!

Steve, thanks for the correction. As many times as I reread these things it's amazing how one can see what's not there.

Thanks Gautami!!

Thanks Dsnake!!

Bill,is the lightning that'll get you!!

Trinitystar, it was actually frustrating, needing rain, and getting an impotent thunderstorm. Thank you!!

Thanks Rethabile!!

Thanks Don!! In and out. Hopefully more in than out for awhile.

bre32 said...

great job.

cyclopseven said...

You surely have a way to describe things buddy. I enjoy this very much and understand deeply what joy it carries amidst the dysfunctional cloud.