Thursday, August 16, 2007

Needle-Tooth Pricks

She will stick a hollow steel fang
in my arm, or hand, depending where
she finds a vein unwilling to roll over.
Then, draw the plunger back sucking
my blood into a plastic “vial” throat, with me
sitting helpless on sterile butt-sticky tissue.

If she hits the mother lode on the first stick,
it won’t be as excruciating as the last. But,
I know better, my veins are tunnels of
make-the-eyes-squeeze, dog-slink rollers
away from needle-tooth pricks.


jel said...


Janice Thomson said...

'make-the-eyes-squeeze, dog-slink rollers'...ah that wonderful wonderful imagery, lol!
I hate needles myself and do everything in the world to avoid them.
Loved this Pat!

Katie McKenna said...

I am always amazed and in awe of your descriptive imagery Pat!

floots said...

well written as ever pat
(good luck with the real thing)

polona said...

awwww... can't be that bad now pat, can it?

sage said...

i'm glad I have good sized veins! nice images of bad memories

Masago said...

Jeepers...let me outa there!!!
{good one}

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'll say it again -- you'll write about anything! :)
Pat, I'm like you -- since there have been so many needles in my arm, the veins are so beat up and low that it takes many times to get one. I feel you're pain. :)

gautami tripathy said...

God! My first thought was ouch!

You make it all so alive with your magery that one can feel and visualise it.

Don Iannone said...

you could be poetic about anything. enjoyed this one, pat. hope you're well.

Bill said...

I always look away. In fact, I almost had to look away from the poem, which means it works.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hope all went well Pat!

gulnaz said...

yikes! i fear needle pricks!!

dsnake1 said...

fangs for this gem. :)

trinitystar said...

Great imagery here.
hugs for you :o)

firebird said...

Oh, I love your unforgettable "butt-sticky tissue" image!
(specially since I deal with it every day on the job)
Thank God I don't have to deal with drawing blood from veins like yours any more...!

(but you have my sympathy--wish i could send you a couple of my extra veins)

Shane said...

Geez Man, I lost it on Mother Lode.

You're gonna laugh me into another ten year of life my friend