Thursday, August 23, 2007

Skin Art

If I ever decide to redecorate
the birth-issue-fits-all-ages skin God gave me,
I’ll probably rip off two patches
of peel-n-stick blue sky, and
lay them over my dried-out hairy arms.

I have enough sun covering
the hills and valleys on my forehead—
ground cover that never needs mowing;
maybe, some moon-cream to moisturize,
and bring out a soft night luster.

I already plan to get an earring when I retire,
but, before that, I might steal two studs
from Orion’s belt, and brighten up my nipples.
I can hide those under my shirt.


jel said...

OKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!

have ya been out in the sun alot lately :)

Bla said...

Orion's belt has a whole world...

Janice Thomson said...

Oh gosh you are just too funny Pat! I have never been one for extra appendages or surface paint for that matter but I loved your grand tale.

polona said...

you must be kidding! or perhaps not... or...
oh what the hell! this is excellent! :)))

Don Iannone said...

it's a great write no matter what. enjoyed this pat.

sage said...

Great, from the Master Poet, I love the reference to Orion's belt (but what will you do with the third star in the belt, or maybe I shouldn't ask

Masago said...

A hoot!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm still laughing! :)
(I had an earring 20 years ago, but that was all! )

Amalendu said...

enjoyed reading this...

firebird said...

Hmmm...sounds like camouflage gear to me...

Katie McKenna said...

Sounds like fun! :) Not that I ever made it past the ear

Very enjoyable read!

JaneDoughnut said...

Ha! Go for it!

I consider myself a rebel for not having any tattoos or piercings. It's very retro.

gulnaz said...

hehe you have a really sweet sense of humor! :))

boulies said...

Hi Pat, I'm back in blogland. Hope to stay a while if I can.

Love the last line (Orion's belt), broadening the horizon from beyond the physical out into the cosmos. Ear earcing was about as much pain as I could handle.

Glad to see you're still just as inspiring and prolific as ever.

Cathy said...

(and I vote no the the earring).

dsnake1 said...

Cool! wonder how you look with the earring, ? :)

floots said...

stars in your eyes and studs in your nipples
life's not so bad :)
cheers pat

Shane said...

hey save some blue patches for my sun-damaged arms. ha ha

brilliant as always

sage said...

I just reread and chuckled again--ground cover that never needs mowing--many of us are with you there.

C said...

Kinky! I have never seen this side of you.

Pat Paulk said...

Janice living in the South, it's kind of hard not to be in the sun. Thanks!!

Bla, thanks for the visit and comment!!

Janice, other than an earring, me neither. Thanks!!

Polona, not about the earring. Must be the pirate in me. Thanks!!

Thanks Don!!

Sage, that ain't ever happening!!!

Thanks Vaughn!!

And Andrew that will be all for me. Thanks!!

Amalendu, glad to see you coming around. Thanks!!

Vivian, so when you see the stars, or the sun, peeking in your window be careful what you wear...

Katie, I'll probably never get that far, but it's a nice daydream. Thanks you!!

Jane, I'm pretty sure at 55 I am retro. Thanks!!

Gulnaz, you make me blush. Thanks for the color in my cheeks!!

Boulies, glad to see you back. Your visits are always wonderful surprises!!

Ahhh Cathy, I'd be so, so...swashbuckling with one.

Dsnake, when and if I get one, I'll post a photo. Personally, I think pretty damned good.But, my ego can be self promoting.

Floots, is that what's blinding my eyes. I thought it was last night's beer. Thanks!!

Shane, I think there are a few left. better grab them early!! Thanks!!

Sage, wish I could mow some of those wrinkles away. Thanks!!

C, I can kink up with the best of em!!

gautami tripathy said...

"maybe, some moon-cream to moisturize,
and bring out a soft night luster..."

I wish, I wish...

gel said...

I sure enjoyed this one
That nipple image completely erased how I picture you from your photo...
however, free expression is as important as free speech
(and thank goodness my hubby- well never mind lol)