Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finger Milk

The page is blank,
the damn cursor
keeps blinking “hurry up”!
Does this computer think
I pour poems in my cocoa,
and milk them
from the ends of my fingers?
pulse like a heart monitor
hooked up
to a comatose muse.
I guess a beat
is better than none,
beat, click...
beat, click...
click, click,

(all rights reserved Pat Paulk 2006)


Aurora said...

I know.:)

Okay, this is getting old. :p Let me just say that you're getting awfully good at churning out these gems, and I love coming by to see what you've tapped out next. Really good stuff, Pat.

Queen Neetee said...

C'mon now, don't abuse the muse pat! Have you tried courting her? Does she have a name? Have you moved her away from the blinking computer screen and let her hear the soft scratching of a pen or pencil.

You're writing is great and so much fun!

floots said...

a comatose muse - hey
there's one lives around here too
enjoyed this (and lived it)

Carol said...

Yeah, I like the beat in this one...

Borut said...

Quoting from a dictionary: ‘Some African languages are full of clicking sounds.’ What are you really saying(?!)

Eric said...

entertaining, as always.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

you have the toughest time, don't you? :)

polona said...

what else can i say but i love this one!

steve said...

cursor blink rate
can be less or more
for a quick rough draft
or meditative snore

Inkblot said...

damn that demanding keyboard-what would you do with out it! :)

i hang like a star; said...

hello there. thank you for dropping by 'emptiness'. :)

'comatose muse'

your writing is spectacular, even with a comatose muse. fifteen stars. xo

Cherie! said...

The portrait of a cursor as a pacemaker? Inspired verse!

Nick Zegarac said...

Yes, a beat indeed is better than none. No abusing the muse here...at least I don't think any that she'd mind. You've got a bit of the frenzy about you that we of the blogger set are all experiencing along these same potent lines. Click, click, click...oh damn! Writer's block!

minerva bloom said...

I hope you are printing them as well, Pat, you have some very special stream-of-consciousness gems in between poetic worries.

boulies said...

Pat, This is why I do all my writings with a pen on paper first. I pretend that I am channeling. It works great until my hand cramps up. The spirits have no sympathy then. They just seem to fly away. This was a lot of fun. I always enjoy your poems. And by the way, I linked you to my blog. Hope that's OK.

Pat Paulk said...

AA, thank you for the compliment!
QNT, I don't abuse her, I just expect her to work hard for her grits and beer.
Floots, glad you're back! Reading your work lately your muse is alive and well!!!
Carol, thank you!
Borut I'll never tell!!
Eric, thank you!
Andrew, you are right!!
Inkblot, I'd have to invent it, cause me, pen and paper don't work!
Polona, thank you!
Steve, I like the meditative snore!
I hang like a star, You're very welcome, thank you!!
Cherie, thank you!
Nick, no frenzy or frills, just little "ole" me!
Minerva, no I don't print them, I save them in Publisher. If my computer dies, I'm SCREWED!!!!
Boulies, thank you very much!! I'll add you to mine too!

Bluesky_Liz said...

Love this! And all too familiar to me lately unfortunately. :)

Luanne said...

wow. I feel you pat!

this is genius though. What more if the muse wakes up? I hope you realize just how much inspiration follows you.

Indeterminacy said...

Just following links, and here I wound up. That's a fine poem and I enjoyed it, the elegance of poetic language meets the cyberworld. I'm going to have to browse around here.

Pat Paulk said...

Liz thank you! All too familiar to all of us!!

Luanne-WOW what a comment! Don't know about genius, but I'll swish it around my head a lap or two. Words my brain ain't used to!!

Indeterminacy-love the title to your blog!!! I appreciate you browsing around and commenting!

camera shy said...


pulse like a heart monitor
hooked up
to a comatose muse.
I guess a beat
is better than none,"

well done

Sally said...

I saw the title and the first thing that sprang to mind is "daddy's milk is saltier than mommy's milk"
Yes, I'm twisted :)

Celia said...

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