Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two Sides Of The Door

I opened the door
to a host of birds
singing different songs
in multiple keys.
They shook the blooms
on my Bradford Pears, like
tiny, white-gloved hands,
applauding their rendition of
“Here Comes The Sun”.
I slurped hot coffee,
listened and watched,
as each had its own agenda
from breakfast to chicks.
With the door closed
I could still see them fluttering
on feathers and worms,
but all I could hear
on my side of the glass,
was the damned telephone screaming
get back to work!

(all rights reserved Pat Paulk 2006)


Carol said...

That was a surprise ending to your tranquil morning.

Borut said...

Two sides of the door. Splendid work.

David E. Patton said...

I really like this poem. It is verry good. I am glad that I had the joy to read it.

polona said...

entertaining read as usual. afraid i spend way too much time on the wrong side of the door...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like how you ended it -

floots said...

that image of birds singing
"here comes the sun"
will silence my phone for weeks
(i'm going out now to do some training - i feed 'em so the least they can do is learn one special song) :)

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks everybody!!

Anonymous said...

Stay on the side where the phone doesn't ring...If only we could do that more.

Pris said...

I like this!