Monday, March 20, 2006

Lost for Words

My muse shows up
at the strangest times.
Last night
it was in the middle of a hot dream
shouting “get your lover-boy rump up
I’ve got something to say!”
She’s rudely interrupted
in conversations with good friends—
“excuse me I have to go drain my muse”.
Or, taps me on my shoulder
going 80 mph,
reminding me I have a bad memory, so
I’d better stop and find a pen.
But, when all is quiet,
and the interests of the day
are snuggled up tight in trash bags, or
sleeping peacefully under
a cloud of snores,
she sits with me at the keyboard,
not musing a damned word!

(all rights reserved Pat Paulk 2006)


Aurora said...

She just emailed me and said you're spreading rumours about her, and she doesn't appreciate it. She doesn't want to be blamed for your shortcomings. ;-)

Pincushion said...

She's certainly a naughty one, isn't she! Maybe she's just feeling ignored and wants your attention! ;)

mushsis said...

superbly inspired! you may say such things about her but it looks like she's getting the job done ;)

polona said...


its_baxter said...

oh no...not my vows. i'm not getting married for a long time.

oh, the irony. this is good.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks everybody!