Friday, January 26, 2007

Ceramic Felon

Grabbed for the cup,
instead of being picked up with my hand,
it shot over the mouse pad
spewing its steaming brew on the desk.
Papers were ruined, the computer speakers
acted like a defiant breakwater, but
my favorite calculator, with soft rubber keys,
either boiled or drowned;
it flashed err…, then off.


gautami tripathy said...

LOL! It has happened so many times with me. Once I had to dry my keyboard in the sun.

samuru999 said...

This has happened to me too! LOL!
It was apple juice I spilled...
What a sticky mess I had!
Good poem, pat!
I enjoyed it!


polona said...

i'm sorry about the mishap but it makes for good poetry.
of course it's happened to mee, too

Joyce said...

I like the way you can make a poem about simple things.

~ann~ said...

doh! and you kinda know it's gonna happen and you just can't do anything to stop it... so glad I'm not the only klutz in blogdom

havea lovely weekend

Percival said...

At last you have seen fit to abandon thy fashionable Poesy Du Moderne - I heartily approve of the word "err" tho thou hast badly mispelled, Sir - "e'er" must e'er be the properly contracted form of "ever."

Aside from this one word, I see that still you take your stand after the fashion of the times.

Be not the poet a revolutionary at heart, even if anachronistically? Have you not the courage to try thine hand at true verse, rhymed and dandified?

Excepting then, for thine one well chosen word, I paulk fun of thee. I pull thy beard, Sir.

mikaelah said...

that will teach you to get grabby with cups!

mikaelah said...

I was thinking that a mug would probably have enjoyed it all but a ceramic cup???? what were you thinking?! You are lucky you did not get a hot slap or two.
wonderful stuff you find on your desk Pat.

firebird said...

Funny how we can't help doing dumb things?

Yesterday I was rushing to work, left my mug on top of my car, then drove off--had a coffee tsunami all over my windshield--

Now I am not so quick to judge others...

Kai C. said...

know how u feel:-]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I try my best to keep my coffee away from the computer. This scares me. Maybe I should keep it even farther away!

Russell Ragsdale said...

You hit a chord here. Everybody wants to chime in with their story too. Good job.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

you wrote a poem out of simple things in such a creative way.
this is my first visit and I already love your blog.

Plus Ultra said...

Hi, I havent been coming around for a while,1.the net is so slow,the quake off Taiwan snapped the underwater cables, it take ages just to get to my home page 2 my town has been hit by 2 waves of flood, non stop rain caused one b4 Xmas and another 2 weeks ago, I had to go to my clinic to rescue my XRay machines at 2am and then there was no electricity!! 3 I am busy computerising my clinic, going paperless 4 I am setting up a blog at Multiply to complement that at blog spot...I see you are writing good verses and are as prolific as you were last year, Agape to you, Non-Ordained pastor of the blogging poets...we are your congregation!

sage said...

Sounds like the making of a bad day (and a good poem)

Richard Kay said...

We each must go when our time is up, Pat. Sadly, it was time for your calculator to die. My condolences to you and its desktop friends.

Don Iannone said...

Must have been the cup of coffee I needed earlier this week in the Phoenix airport.

Masago said...

Ow, this has happened to me a few times...I know how you feel (I think).

dsnake1 said...

after a couple of "splashings" at my desktop, i have barred drinks from the computer area. but the kid is still defying the ban. :)

Nea said...

Yikes, aside from being fodder "for the write," little good came from that action, eh?

I have done that......put my coffee cup on the slide in tray....and then slid in the tray. It just ruins your, keyboard.......papers......mood. haha

GeL(Emerald Eyes) said...

Oh Pat, I hope the ruined things were recoverable! A "felon" indeed. Like someone else said, I enjoy how you write so easily about everyday life.

Tim S said...

oh no! Lock that criminal up!!! Good one!

Pat Paulk said...

Gautami,I usually spill it in my vehicle. First time on my desk. Funny now, wasn't very funny then.

Yep, we can all relate. Thanks Margie!!

Polona, I think it is confirmed the human race is a species of spillers!! Thanks!!

Joyce, I lead a very boring life, it's all I have.

Ann, we all are!! Thank you!!

Ah, Percy if "e'er" I were to contract "ever" I would as thou hast pointed out. But to "err..." as in the dying electrical spasms of trying to gasp out "error", the calculator, alas poor device, could only flash "err...". As to "rhyme and dandified", I have tried my hand, but like wearing a glove 4 sizes too small it did not the fit. I love the works of those who do, would I could write such poetry too. I surrender my sword of humor to thy court.

Mikaelah, and it never matters the "cup" size!! Thank you for both comments!!

Vivian, I've done that too. Clumsy are my aging hands and brain!!

Don't we all Kai!!

Andrew, my addicition to caffine will not permit such a logical solution.

Russell, yep, we're all klutz's!!

Pink Ginger, thanks for your comment and visit. Hope you'll come back!!

And love to you Plus Ultra!! You are a man of wonderful works, you're absences are more than understood.

Sage, when It happened that was my exact thought. But, the day went ok. Thanks!!

Richard, you have spoken words of truth. My grief is slowly subsiding.

Don, that may have been what it was trying to do...jump all the way to Phoenix!! Mouse pad got in the way.

Vaughn, I think all us "drinkers" of beverages of choice know the feeling all too well.

Dsnake, I've given up most vices in my life, I refuse to quit coffee. Man cannot live on bread alone!! He's got to have something to wash it down with!!

Nea, other than the poem, not a thing!!

Gel, nothing that can't be replaced. Actually, my little calculator has dried out and come back to work. It has enrolled in "coffee addicts anonymous".

Tim, I do every night. But, during the day I let it out on a work release program.

Anonymous said...

wish i could say i never did that...funny

tongue_in_cheek_antiques said...

Oh no!! Many a computer have been victim to such a crime!! But I have never read about it in a poem before!

gulnaz said...

am so damned clumsy myself...:)