Friday, January 05, 2007


I pulled out a book of poetry
I had read before;
started at the first poem,
and stopped at the third dog ear.
Nothing had changed since my last visit:
words were the same,
line breaks hadn’t moved,
but the metaphors seemed to jump at my eyes
like a small child wanting to be picked up.
Maybe, they did this before, and I don't remember.
I played with them, rolled them over and around
the edge curling planks in my mind, then
closed the pages, and smiled at my forgetfulness.


MB said...

Poetry can be different every time it's read — it shimmers. Is it nuances, or forgetfulness, or seeing things in a new light? Or maybe it's just that I don't remember!! ;-)

polona said...

i don't think it has so much to do with forgetfulness as it does with discovering and rediscovering layers of meanings... but that's what you said better than me :)

Anonymous said...

"but the metaphors seemed to jump at my eyes
like a small child wanting to be picked up."

Oh that is just right!

And how clever, you made a simile while talking about metaphors. :)

sage said...

that's that thing with good poetry, you have different visions each visit

Anonymous said...

but the metaphors seemed to jump at my eyes
like a small child wanting to be picked up.

what a wonderful idea
perhaps that is why we like imagery so much

because it reminds us of our youth
that inherant in image is the pathway to youth with each visit on our part into the past with our undivided ambition, without ambivalence.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good one! I wonder what it was that you saw that had you write this. ??

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pat. So it is with my haiku books . . . I see new things each time I read some poems. And I have extra copies of my favourites books for dog earing and back pack purposes (e.g. Basho's complete works).

floots said...

i was there with you
absolutely loved this for its truth and familiarity
here's a beer - but don't blame me if it gets spilled on its way through the ether :)

Borut said...

‘Mama’s Recipe Within Reach. Forgetful Shadows Don’t Kiss Thoughts on a Log’. Enjoyed! Prolific, Pat!?:) What’s your recipe!?

gel said...

Revisiting poems is always a treasure. Reading your poem about doing that is enjoyable. I espeically liked these lines "but the metaphors seemed to jump at my eyes
like a small child wanting to be picked up."
What a wonderful way to show the urgent "ah hah" of recalling them now.

Poetry by Kai said...

we always forget sometimes...
good piece

~ann~ said...

another day
the words will stir
another way

Percival said...

I pulled out a book of poetry
I had read before;
startled at the first poem,
and slapped at my dog’s third ear.
Nothing had changed since the vet visit:
tail was the same,
the nose hadn’t budged,
but that meta-ear seemed to jump at my eyes
like a big nose sticking itself right up.
Maybe I mixed this metaphor and I don't remember.
I play with it, roll it over and around
the edge, playing pranks in my mind, then
never gauge them, beguiled by my forgetfulness.

Percy Bysshe Silly
Poete Extraordinaire
Critically Acclaimed by Mom

firebird said...

Forgetfulness is great--it restocks our small universe, by making old things new--

(And lets me totally forget the plot of a book in time to see the movie and not know how it ends...)

I see you have inspired Percival--you must be very special...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes forgetfulness can be fine.

Don Iannone said...

My but the muse does enjoy these poems...

Anonymous said...

it's not forgetfulness, it's your nimble mind discovering new meanings in those words. :)

i have an old harlan ellison book which i use to pull out and re-read once a while. sometimes i come across a chapter i thought i have not read before, but i'm pretty sure i have read the whole book. Now, that's forgetfulness. :)

mikaelah said...

your words make me smile on the inside

Anonymous said...

I smile at your creatively. I was thinking that one day it might your book of poems that is being read...but of course, it is hard to believe it'd get dog-eared.

Amalendu said...

This is what happens everytime you read the same poem....I liked the way you related it to forgetfulness... Pat you are growing old!!!!

trinitystar said...

sometimes we miss something the first time ... our perception changes ... I also think what frame of mind one is in ... at the time of reading.


Pris said...

I like this Pat. I think each time we look at something we see something we missed before whether it be poetry or people.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

the forgetful knowing of poetry love. It sings to us differently and yet caresses us just the same!
The beauty is in the layers that unfold in time.

Pat Paulk said...

MB, in my case it's the latter. Rereading Mary Oliver is a treat anyway.

Polona, if I ever said anything better than you it was anaccident. Thank you!!

Thank you Julia!! By George, I did!!

Sage, one of the good points in reading poetry.

Camera Shy, inspite of the metaphor I hadn't quite thought of it like that. Thank you!!

Andrew, it's been several days, I can't remember... Thank you!!

Richard K, thank you!!

Thanks Floots!! It spilled all over my desk, but the cat and I licked it off. I never knew she liked beer so much.

Borut, thank you!! I guess I'd have to say a drunk muse.

GEL, thanks!!

Kai, letely, I'm forgetting more than my share. Thank you!!

Ann, that is exactly right!!

Well now Percival, I do believe reading your comment was much more entertaining than the poem!! Thanks for the visit!!

Vivien, thank you!! I think Percival's inspiration comes from a more on "fire" source...

Joyce, whether fine or not, it is a fact of getting older. Sometimes, it can be quite funny.

Thanks Don!!

Dsnake, you are kind. Thank you!!

Mikaelah, a smile on the inside is worth 10 on the out.

Vaughn, it is hard to believe it'd get read. Thank you!!

Amalendu, you are very right. But, I can still kick it up every now and again. It sure does hurt afterwards though.

Trinitystar, I agree with ones frame of mind when reading. that colors our whole world.

Thank you Pris!! I agree.

Corey, taking off layers is a good thing!! Can't believe I said that. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

We get different insights each time we read the same poms. Certain things simply jump out of nowhere, if you know what I mean.