Thursday, January 18, 2007

Picture Gallery Full

I saw the hawk again,
yesterday on my walk;
it flew down from a high perch
to a lower one just off the trail.
We exchanged glances, then
it froze in a straight ahead pose.
Not needing a second invitation
I grabbed my cell phone,
pressed the camera icon, aimed
and clicked to take the shot;
it flashed “picture gallery full”.
I quickly selected options,
erase all, and erase all again;
threw my arm back in the air,
searched through the viewer,
and found only a bare limb.


Anonymous said...

If you get that picture I'll draw her...I bet she was beautiful..Guess she didn't want her pic taken.

JaneDoughnut said...

I nearly wrecked one day when a hawk swooped down in front of my car to pick up a squirrel. I've never got the camera ready, either.

Anonymous said...

Nooooo - how frustrating!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

lone hawk
soars above my head
and the trees,
leaving me alone
with my cluttered thoughts

floots said...

oh yes
you have my sympathy on this one

Anonymous said...

You painted perfectly your image to us! Perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Purrfect! ;-)

samuru999 said...

Ditto on Richard!
I can imagine it was a beautiful sight!


Anonymous said...

I've missed many chances too.

sage said...

this reminded me of a recent Urger Report on NPR (you can get their podcast)--it satire, about Apple's new do it all cell phone--that does more than "just snapping pictures of a dictator's execution"

To take pics by our phones then to have them too full... funny

Anonymous said...

Shucks! Would have loved to see that.

MB said...

You'll be ready next time. For hawk or owl or ... I'm glad you got to see it again.

Anonymous said...

"We exchanged glances, then
it froze in a straight ahead pose."

I can just see that. Too bad you did not get the right picture. Next time...

Anonymous said...

that hawk again? wonderful!
too bad you missed the shot (happened to me once... two deer at the edge of the forest less than 100 meters from me... and my camera's batteries empty)
hope there's a next time

Poetry by Kai said...


mikaelah said...

Reminds me of all the times I miss things because I wanted to share it with someone else ... some stuff is just for you. Your poetic descriptions deliver ... the picture gallery is truly full.

Anonymous said...

The frustrations of missing out on an adventure or an experience ... you may have missed the photo but I am sure your mind's eye took it in... Maybe nect time.

I enjoyed your piece! :-)

Amalendu said...

I feel sorry for you Pat...

Pris said...

This brought a smile:-) With the delayed shutter on regular cameras I've often gotten the tail of my cat as she left center stage.

I'm back able to read bit by bit, Pat, and have missed your blog. I'll be back as I can!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Well, yes, that happens. You can't ever look away, not even for a second when it comes to birds, especially birds.

I'm amused by this easily relate-able piece.

Anonymous said...

you caught this kind of moment very well :)

Anonymous said...

You should walk with an empty mind, then the picture will be clear :)

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Mandy!!

That same thing happened to my girlfriend about a month ago. Thanks Jane!!

Julia, it definitely was that!!

Andrew, except it left me alone with my fat fumbling fingers!!

Thanks Floots!!

Corey I appreciate your wonderfully perfect comment!!

Thanks Margie!!

Joyce, that was actually the third I've missed. It was the first time I remembered I could take pictures with my camera, and still messed up.

Sage, it was quite comical. I think the hawk was laughing as it flew off.

Vaughn, the hawk or me fumbling with my cell phone?? Both a sight to behold.

MB, I haven't seen any "or" out on the trail, but I keep hoping!!

Gautami, it did that, just like it was telling me go ahead take your picture. I would love to know what it thought.

Polona, I love deer. We had 4 bucks roaming the ravine behind our house this past Summer and Fall. Haven't seen them all Winter. Thought it strange we never saw the does. Thank you!!

Thanks Kai!!

Mikaelah, you are probably right. I just wanted to savor the moment a little longer.

Amalendu, I'm glad somebody does. Thank you!!

Dave, thanks for coming by. Maybe next time.

Pris, glad to have you come around when ever you can. Thanks!!

Bluesky Liz, birds are a bit skittish. This one doesn't seem to be bothered by people very much. I think more impatient waiting on a klutz!! Always glad to amuse!!

Thanks Steve!!

Inconsequential, I do! I do!! Another poem for another day...

NINANINA said...

this has happened to me. I often get a male cardinal I my backyard.... everytime I try to capture him, he flies away... or else my camera battery is dead :(
good poem!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would've been great to see both!

Anonymous said...

A little epic, pat

autumn garden
the butterfly settles
on my camera

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't lose any good pictures. Came here via Andrew's link.

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't lose any good pictures. Came here via Andrew's link.

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't lose any good pictures. Came here via Andrew's link.

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't lose any good pictures. Came here via Andrew's link.