Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cold As...

The damp, cold air
reached through my skin,
grabbed my bones, and
shook me like a tambourine;
teeth chattering,
hair follicles stinging,
sniffing back a waterfall
trying to form a scenic view
flowing out the end of my nose.
Saying it was as cold as
the shriveled breast
of an old lady dressed in black,
stirring a caldron full of dead rats,
seemed an understated simile to me.


gracie said...

great similes pat!
we're having heatwaves here, but today the rain is a welcome reprieve.

jel said...

Oh that was soooooo cold!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Now that's cold.

samuru999 said...

Yes, that is cold...very cold!!!!!
Great poem, Pat!!!

GeL said...

Hi Pat,
Like this one a lot.It's vivid and I'm shivering reading it! Terrific simile: "shook me like a tambourine"

Anonymous said...


Nancy said...

It sounds like life in New England. We had a mild Dec and Jan is letting us know it's winter and cold around here.

ann said...

ooooooh as cold as that and I am not wearing black today.... just stirring the soup... mmmmm .... cackle

Anonymous said...

Too cold! Err..great cold, this! Poem, I mean..:D

mikaelah said...

oh my! And I thought I understood cold!

Anonymous said...

this is great...I needed a good laugh...I love the end.

Anonymous said...

Something simile once happened to me.

Anonymous said...

brrr, i can feel the cold
and the "understated" simile made me laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Cooking rats!!
I'd rather freeze before doing that!

firebird said...

Mmmm...vivid image, and delightful...
But-- "hanging out" over a steaming cauldron might be a warm and cozy place, don't you think?...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I feel the same!

floots said...

great stuff
(i think i know her) :)

Don Iannone said...

Pat...so very picturesqe. Enjoyed it very much, even without coffee.

Anonymous said...

great images, pat!

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Gracie!! Our unusually warm winter has returned to normal. A rolling stone, huh?

Janice, I've always heard that is cold. A cold heart is a cold heart.

Vaughn, it was. But I get cold easily.

Thanks Margie!!

Thank you GEL!!

Thanks Joyce!!

Nancy, I think our mild winter is gone too.

Ann, somehow I don't see you that way.

Thanks Gautami!!

Mikaelah, cold is cold regardless of metaphor.

Glad the old man could provide one!!

Percival, I bet you've had a lot metaphorical experiences, such as...

Thanks Polona!!

Corey, no cooking rats for you! Just travelling!!

Firebird, hadn't thought of it that way...chilling I suspect though.

Andrew you and I do love our Spring!!

Floots, I'm guessing she gets around. Thanks!!

Sorry about the coffee Don. But, a small price for first class!

Thank you Dsnake!!

Nea said...

man dat's COLD.......made me shiv'r.