Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Daily Special

Your eyes tell no secrets,
and your words are carefully picked,
like spices in a concocted recipe,
zesty ingredients to flavor the taste.

The language sounds familiar,
but unrecognizable as intimate speech.
I wonder if I'm a menu selection,
a daily special, one day a week.

(previously published in Poetic Voices)


Anonymous said...

Daily special? I thought you were leftovers! :p

Pat Paulk said...

You have no shame! do you!! Left overs is better than left out!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no time to answer, gotta go plant snowdrops....:)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like this one -- makes me hungry, though, and it's midnight

Pat Paulk said...

Andrew seems like you get hungry at midnight alot! Thanks!

Janet said...

I like this. Pat and A.A. -- I think I'm going to have to separate you two...too much bickering. :-o

Pat Paulk said...

She started it!

sigmund fraud said...

I liked this. Very intelligently put across.