Monday, February 06, 2006

House Of God

Some look for God
inside bricks and mortar,
steeples, windows and
doors that close.
I found Him in the rust-red
of Dogwood leaves,
hanging like gifts
accepting my thanks.
I looked in the limbs, and
He sang from a bird,
then tickled my ear
with the touch of a breeze.
In the laugh of a child
He rolled on the lawn next door;
a mural He painted
on a butterfly’s wings.
I’m not a deist,
my beliefs are more Christian than that,
I just prefer to worship
in the house He made.

(selected for publication in the January Issue Of Poetic Voices)


Anonymous said...

I like this one.:)

whitney said...

i find god in the everyday.
it sounds as if you do, too.


Pat Paulk said...

Thanks AA. Thanks Whitney, your photography has been a treasure to find!

bremandy said...

Daddy this is really wonderful...I guess this is where I get my view of God and where to find Him.

aunty marie said...

if only more people would see Him this way. beautiful.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Mandy! Thank you aunty marie!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Daddy, it is really wonderful.:)

Nea said...

Oh, I love this Pat. As I gaze out into my yard with my near sighted eyes, I can see the nodding heads of yellow daffodils shining with sunlight.......that is my stained glass window......