Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dirty Look

Bird out my window,
what kind are you?
the State bird?
the early bird?
the late bird?
bird, bird?
Don’t look at me
that way!

(all rights reserved Pat Paulk 2006)


Pris said...

I love it!:-)

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u for ur comment-

i like that poem!

dirty look

Aurora said...

I agree with Eric.:):):)

One more thing, Pat - was that an Alfred Hitchcock bird, or an avian flu bird?

erin said...

My fiance and I watched "The Birds" last night. This is a little creepy right now... I often feel like the birds are watching me... nice job.

Maddy said...

this one is snappy-
love it!

floots said...

easy man
is only the word bird
listen to everything it says
then ignore it and go your own way :)

Nick Zegarac said...

Yes - very strange the way all birds seem to not look at us while looking at us. Are they really just passive creatures of beauty or doing a Hitchcock study for that day when we become the hunted?!? Fantastic read!

Pat Paulk said...

Pris, thank you!

Kai, it's a pleasure to visit your site. Thank you!

AA, you always agree with Eric! For once I'd like to know what he said!!:)

Erin, I have never (and will never)watched that movie. Thanks for coming by and commenting!!

Maddy, I like snappy!! Thank you!!

Floots, I pretty much have always gone my own way. I think that's why I stay in so much trouble!!Maybe, I should listen to the "word bird"...

Nick, the bird looked at me worse than anyone I've ever offended. And, that's a long line too! Thanks Nick, your comments are always appreciated.

polona said...

oh, i love this one!!!

Angel Hiccups said...

Hi, Thaks for visiting me:)

I love this too. They really do have such a look.

Carol said...

Is it a bad day when even the birds are giving you a dirty look?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what, did he give you the bird??? :)

Masago said...


P.S. I thought maddy said it was "sappy"...which it is that too.

Pat, you've got poetic genius!

bre said...

Very cute.