Monday, April 17, 2006

No Goodbyes

The Sun
turned its back
to the wind, and
left like an old man
grumbling about
slither-tongue politicians, and
fat-smiling, oil executives.
He shuffled
over the edge of the world,
trailing orange expletives,
cursing Solaritis,
flaring headaches, and
nine adult offspring,
gravitating around
his means of support.
In the last flash
between essence and memory,
goodbye was never said.

(all rights reserved Pat Paulk 2006)


Anonymous said...

Wow. Great write, Pat. I don't know how you're churning these out day after day, my friend, but they're wonderful. *plots to steal Pat's muse*

David Matthews said...

I happened to click on the link to your blog and found this one that leaves me feeling like maybe I should rush out for some Powerball tickets while I'm on a lucky streak. I really like it.

Poetry by Kai said...

hey pat,
nice poem.....

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Why don't you just say what you really think! <:)

camera shy said...

the sun
never seemed
so old to me before

so many lifetimes
by gone

floots said...

loved the whole image
but especially the way
it moves from smile to great sadness
(for me anyway)

Borut said...

Well said…

Pat Paulk said...

AA, if you do, I'm taking Buster! Thank you!

David, thanks! If you hit the powerball will you share??

Kai, thank you!!

Andrew,maybe I did, maybe not, I don't know!

Camera Shy, old and grumpy here yesterday!! Thanks!

Floots, thanks!!

Borut, thank you!!

Tim S said...
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Tim S said...

Very funny, I laughed outloud!

polona said...

old man sun didn't show up here today... brilliant write, pat!

Tim S said...

An image of "old man sun" (my father in law comes to mind) remains with me. Thanks for helping me lighten up a little!

Russell Ragsdale said...

That's the most character I've ever seen in a sunset! Wow Pat.

boulies said...

Pat, Now this just plain old profound!!! Is it just me or has your writing taken a huge leap forward into some brilliant, unknown region. The idea of the sun shuffling like an old man drums up images that simply bends my mind. Great, great work!!!