Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Question Of The Day

I opened my blinds
to fourteen new Azalea blooms,
pink-skinned and curious;
the first in a litter of hundreds
nuzzling the breast of day.
A wind-weathered page of newsprint
clings to the trunk
of this nascent generation of petals,
trying to escape the inevitable.
I wonder
how long it can hold on?


Anonymous said...

nascent generation of petals

Going high brow on us, huh Pat?:)
Seriously, love this poem, love everything you've been writing lately.

steve said...

Springtime in the South of the US - an explosion of color that goes on for weeks - one of the things I loved about living there for a couple of years. Sounds like there was a breeze blowing on this occasion.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Your humor lingers in every phrase but, I must say, you do serious themes well! I'm with AA.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...and I can't wait to be where I can see the azaleas...You write about them, and I'll paint them.

Inkblot said...

very visual. like the layered newspaper analogy, though I sense thats not quite the right figure of speech here.

floots said...

it's that time of year
great piece
loved nuzzling the breast of day

Eric said...

'a litter of hundreds nuzzling the breast of day' . . . my first mind-candy for the day :)

Queen Neetee said...

The Azalea are one of my favorite plants!!

What a beautiful visual this is. You've added beauty to this gray rainy day.

Thank you.

whitney said...

absolutely gorgeous, pat.
every word!

Rose DesRochers said...

Wonderful poem. You've been a pleasure to read.

boulies said...

Interesting thought; newspaper with a consciousness clinging on. Great use of imagery to depict a blustery day. Fits my mood as the weather here is rainy and blustery right now. We even have numerous Azaelas in our yard. I'll have to peak out and see if the newspaper is clinging to any of their trunks. Really enjoyed this one Pat. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

pink-skinned and curious :)

polona said...

this is gorgeous, pat! love every bit of it!!

Pat Paulk said...

AA, you don't have to wait on Eric to comment??? Thank you!

Steve, it's my favorite time of the year, and I'm partially color blind!!!

Russell, thank you!!

Mandy, won't be long!!

Inkblot, I think it's a perfect figure of speech! Thanks!

Floots, I'm a little partial to the "nuzzling" myself!!! Thanks!

Eric, been a long time since I was anybody's first! Glad you clarified with mind-candy!!

QNT, glad I could add some color to your day!!

Whitney, Thanks!! Love the picture!!

Rose, thanks for visiting and commenting!!!

Boulies, I was feeling like that beat up old newspaper when I wrote this. But, what better place to try and hang on, than an Azalea bush!! Thank you!!

Ruthanne, I reckon so!! Thanks!

Polona, always look forward to your comments. Thank you!!

Borut said...

Could this be the essence of ‘haiku’: to stop clinging through words…, to be able to see the reality?