Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Marked $2.50, obo

I read a poem
about people wearing
helicopter beanies, or
flashing lights on their heads,
if they made love
the night before.
I thought,
should I be so lucky, my
device of signification,
would’ve been sold
at a garage sale
in another life long ago.

(all rights reserved Pat Paulk 2006)


Poetry by Kai said...

"I read a poem
about people wearing
helicopter bennies, or
flashing lights on their heads,"

that part made me laugh...

Poetry by Kai said...

oh ya, thanks

i really miss chocksticks...

Poetry by Kai said...

that was a typo...above...

Pris said...

Hey Pat, you mean you don't have your flashing bunny ears anymore??:-) This is funny. Love it!

steve said...

Pat, love the multiple degrees of separation in the second half of this: 'should I be so lucky'...'sold'...another life long ago.' won't be able to go to a garage sale without thinking of this now. very good!

Eric said...

'whoopee-whirling-strobe-light' . . . too funny.

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

It made me smile
It made me sad
and stirred
a pile of images
I once thought dead

floots said...

enjoyed this
funny and also sad
i remember a teenaged friend (many years ago) saying
what's the use of lead in your pencil when you've no-one to write to
similar emotions

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Kai!! If I knew how to spell "beanies" I'd be dangerous!!

Pris, one of those things you hang onto forever and when you get rid of it, you need it. Life happens!!Thanks!!

Steve, if you see my bunny ears could you get them back for me?? I'd pay $5.00!!

Eric, sometimes you just need one!!

Natalie I'm glad I made you smile, I'd never intentionally make you sad, and dead images I can't begin to imagine!! Thank you!!

Floots, I can't find where to put the lead in this damned keyboard!!! Thanks!!

polona said...

love this - funny but with some sombre undertones...