Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An Autograph Of Sorts

A rainbow
is the license plate
of a hit and run storm.
It’s the signal—
if you’re around to see it,
the worst has passed.
All those promises
you made under the bed
can be left there,
like an inflatable Ark,
ready to slide in and out of
every time the clouds get dark, and
lightning autographs your fear.

(all rights reserved Pat Paulk 2006)


Anonymous said...

Love this one, but the ending really packs this one with power.

lara said...

this is excellent. your command of the language - "A rainbow
is the license plate
of a hit and run storm" - beautiful expressions.

steve said...

Major lightning tonight here, Pat - I'm about to shut down the computer so it won't get fried! Liked 'promises...made under the bed' in the moments of fear and the jab of lightning at the end.

floots said...

great images
the whole thing is beautifully put together
and the ending is a knockout
thank you

Michelle e o said...

Promises under the bed, love that.

Masago said...


Pincushion said...

The end says it all! fantastic metaphors here!
love it :)

Pris said...

ohhhh..I like!!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Pat, I feel like a late comer to the chorus line but that was one fine group of metaphores. Great stuff.

Eric said...

i met someone the other day that was complaining about their new car. he loved the fact it had a sunroof until he discovered the interior of the vehicle practically glows with lightning flashes and he's terrified of lightning.

Pat Paulk said...

Thank you Aurora! (I can too spell your name!)

Lara, thank you for your beautiful comment!

Steve, I hope you and your computer aren't menu items at KFC!!

Thanks, Floots!!

Thank you Michelle e o!! Your comments are always appreciated!!

Vaughn, thanks!!

Pincushion, if I would've known what metaphors were back in the late 60's, no telling what I could've done with my life!! Thanks!! (I think I know now...)

Thanks Pris!! Always a pleasure to see you here!

Russell from where you're coming from you're never late!! Thanks!!

That's funny Eric. Growing up one of our neighbors would literally take her son and go hide under the bed when thunder storms came through. And, in South Georgia, that was a lot of "under the bed time"!! Sort of had her in mind when I wrote it.

polona said...

seems i'm late for the party :)
love the poem!!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

ditto with Aurora

boulies said...

"promises made under the bed"...Inflatable Ark", you rustled up a brilliantly clear picture of the fear and chaos a storm can cause, coupled with the beauty of the magical rainbow representing safety and salvation. So much impact here. I love it!