Thursday, April 27, 2006

Front Lawn Flirt

The Sun is just a tease!
She twirls around
on the front lawn
enticing me to come out,
and dance on wet grass.
I pirouette
from mailbox to water meter cover,
do somersaults
over the hurricane fence.
A bucket full of pansies whispers
from petals to bees,
tiny wings grab
feathers full of air,
like rungs on a ladder
climbing for a safer view.
Dusk starts wiggling gray fingers
through the blond hair
of my dancing partner’s head;
she turns with
the flash of a smile,
then disappears
like never here.

(all rights reserved Pat Paulk 2006)


Aurora said...

You do pirouettes and somersaults? I'd buy a TICKET to see that.:)Oh yeah, good poem.

Shane said...

from mailbox to watermeter no less. i had a flash of a smile reading this one.

Masago said...

Just when I thought there was no other way of taking whimsy to new levels...I smiled along with shane.

Carol said...

Now that is enjoying a sunny day.
Was the blonde girl the sun?

Maddy said...

"tiny wings grab
feathers full of air..."

poetry at it's best.

Borut said...

What's going on, Pat. No kidding. Just poetry.

Pris said...

Oh, such vivid images of you doing this:-) Enjoyed this poem!
(Now send pictures, yes!)

Natalia L. Rudychev said...

Light breeze, sunlight, constant movement, mystery and playfulness.
Enchanting. I enjoyed it.

steve said...

The sun as a tease - very nicely done! (I trust the dog uses the back yard) Great disappearing act at the end!

Russell Ragsdale said...

The is an airborneness about this poem tells the whole story. Loved it!

floots said...

she'll be back
i'm waiting on her too

polona said...

lovely cheerful read. left me smiling...

Pat Paulk said...

Aurora,I'll sell ya one too!!! Thank you!!

Shane, Thanks for stopping by!! Glad you're back!

Vaughn, somedays I'm a whimsical kind of guy!!

Carol, yup she was!! Thanks!!

Maddy, what a wonderful compliment!!

Borut, no kidding, just poetry!! Thanks!

Pris, pictures would truly be worth a thousand words!!! Thanks Pris!!

Natalia, I'm very glad you enjoyed it!!

Steve, nope she uses the front!! Adds more color to the pictures!!

Russell, me being airborne is a story!! Thanks!!

Floots, she is what she is, a fickle *&^%$!!

Polona, can't get a better compliment than a smile!! Thank you!!

sangeet said...

Likewise, I enjoyed made me smile! :)


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

never saw the sun at all here today --- maybe tomorrow

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Sangeet!!

Andrew, you keep the clouds and I'll keep the sun!

bre said...

very light and fluid. Enjoyable

Rose said...

You have an interesting poetic voice.Different from what I'm use to reading.