Monday, October 30, 2006

Early Morning Rocky Road Relief

I woke up with fear
standing beside me, insisting
I sit up for a talk—
having been kicked out of a bad dream,
I agreed we had things to discuss.

First, I thought it was rude
to wrap it’s gripping hands
around my running feet,
interfering with a panic flight
from what and to where I don’t know.

Second, my dreams are reserved
for action/adventure, XXX, fantasy,
but absolutely never horror!
I felt like I presented my case
historically accurate, and beyond dispute.

It expanded like a gas-filled balloon ready to burst,
bellowed out, “blame it on the Rocky Road”;
leaving a lingering foul stench, it left.


Nea said...

Grandma always said, a big bean burrito would give you bad dreams. haha. I loved this, but it is a little erie, because I was JUST talking about waking up mad after having a bad dream, and then the next post I read is I guess many of us have been having bad dreams lately. Me I kind of prefer the ones where sex is least I wake up happy.....

jel said...

I don't see where ice cream, can give you a nitemare?

Rocky Road (sorry)

Masago said...

I'm not familiar with Rocky Road but I can only imagine.

Pris said...

Ohh...have had this kind. Takes a while for them to go away.

Pris said...

PS when I eat very rich foods, I sometimes get vivid dreams after. Who can understand why? A lot of sugar (which I do no more) does create more scarey dreams for me. I can assume that's since fast carb 'fixes' raise your sugar/energy level fast then plummet it. Body at war!:-)

NINANINA said...

its good to be jump started out of a bad dream. Even if it cacres you. Happy halloween from an x rated witch!

NINANINA said...

i need cpell speck

MB said...

Pat, Pris is right, some of them are hard to shake, so giving your fear a talking to after a bad dream is a great idea. Really enjoyed this one!

Cathy said...

I hope there was no one in bed beside you to share that! ;)

Poetry by Kai said...

good onee

polona said...

next time share the ice cream with your cat :)
great post as ever, and a timely one, too!

samuru999 said...

Very good one Pat!
I had a really bad dream a few
night's ago...scared the dickens out of me!
Not fun!


C said...

It sounds like a really bad case of gas.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

xxx dreams?? I haven't had one of those for years! :)

gracie said...

haha that is so funny - i like the personification of fear

dsnake1 said...

haha, so you won the argument.
i think Fear was more afraid of your bad mood in the morning than anything else.

nice one, pat!

mikaelah said...

love how you can (or believed you could) make dream reservations!!!! Great Halloween post!

boulies said...

Very cleaver idea, reserving dreams for "action/adventure, XXX, fantasy, but absoulutely never horror!"
I must learn this trick for myself. And I'll definitely learn from this too, no Rocky Road before bedtime!

Glad to be back. Missed reading and enjoying your poetic humor and all the many great ideas and emotions you always have to offer.

gautami tripathy said...

Lately I have been having strange dreams. This one reminded me of that.

Pat Paulk said...

Nea, grandma was, and has always been right!! Triple X is the best, but unfortunately, I think my subscription ran out. Thank you!!

Janice when I eat too much--it can be any kind, it just happened to be Rocky Road, it makes sleeping an adventure.

Vaughn, man it's the best!! Chocolate with marshmallows, and nuts!!

Pris, the body tells us more than we want to listen to. I'm smart enough to know it, why don't I follow its warnings???

Nina, it was a dream so it probably did cacres me instead of scare. Hey, all the best flowers grow in some dirt!!

MB, yeah, I talk to it all the time, but it ignores me like everyone else. Thank you!!

Cathy, the cat and I sleep in the recliner, so it was just her. Come to think of it she hasn't slept with me since...

Thank you Kai!!

Polona she doesn't like chocolate. Vanilla, she goes nuts over!! Thank you!!

Margie, you're too sweet to have bad dreams. Thank you!!

C, it was!!

Andrew, I'm sorry, but me neither.

Gracie, sometimes it personifies itself!! Thank you!!

Dsnake, I'm not sure, the Rocky road still looks tempting!! Thank you!!

Mikaelah, I make them, but don't ever get them. Thank you!!

Boulies, it is great to have you back!!! Old man that taught me to play golf (many years ago) was caught by his wife going out a window, running from a bear. Thank you!!

Gautami, I think that's the nature of dreams, strange.