Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Painting Fruit

We look for meaning
in everything we read;
it has to be there,
why would it be written without?

The sadness and loneliness,
a bicycle ride,
wearing dead leaves as lingerie
are all ascribed to the writer,
why describe what’s not?

Is poetry catharsis?
Personal preening for the readers eyes?

Of course it’s not, or
at least not always,
it’s just a bowl of fruit,
and wax at that.


Anonymous said...

beautiful. truly beautiful. thank you, pat.

samuru999 said...

I love this one Pat!
I especially love your lines...
it's just a bowl of fruit,
and wax at that.

Poetry by Kai said...

thats deep!

MB said...

This twists and turns in interesting ways, Pat. Nicely done!

Inconsequential said...

so...what does it mean...?

sorry...couldn't help that.

most of the stuff i churn out is meaningless, and most of the rest is only means stuff to me :)

you are a prolific and consistant writer pat, some pretty good stuff drips from your nib.

Nea said...

We all write for different reasons.......the best way to figure out if your ego is involved, is to turn off comments and then see if you still feel the urge to write....if you do, then it isn't for ego.

Me, I go in stages, I often just don't want to share, and then there are times I want to tell people more than they care to hear. But the one rule of writing, we shouldn't write unless we know what we are writing about. I often read things that I know were written with NO personal experience, it is just to manipulate emotion.

I called it pimped emotions.....

But I read a lot of junk, haha...

Anonymous said...

nicely done, very true

Cathy said...

a bowl of fruit...
better than a box of chocolates.
Poetry to me is like a mystery. Trying to solve the hidden meanings and puzzles in the words. I love your site.

Schrodingers cat said...

so very true.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love it -=-- when I was a lawyer, I wrote many things that had no meaning. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking for meaning in a poem looking for meaning!

polona said...

blogger didn't fancy publishing my last night's comment, so here i am looking for meaning again and loving it! :)

Masago said...

Ha ha!

trinitystar said...

Perhaps feeling not meaning! Deeply beautiful. A thought a feeling being expressed from within outwardly through words. :o)
Thumbs up!
Have a wonderful day!

Pat Paulk said...

Senile, thank you sir!!

Margie, thank you!!

Thanks Kai!!

MB, sounds like a mountain road, or a snake, ummmm...

Inconsequential, wow! Thanks for the compliment!!

Nea, I love the comments. But, I was writing before blogging, and will be after. Blogging, for me, has helped me to write more than I was. Whether it's helping, who knows. It's fun and long as it is, I will.

Thanks Mandy!!

Cathy, thank you!! I enjoy your blog too!!

Schrodinger's Cat, thank you!!

Andrew, I've read a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that didn't mean a thing, but the billing does!!!

Joyce, I'm just looking for my second cup of coffee this morning...

Thanks Polona!! Blogger's free so I guess we get what we pay for...
But, sometimes it can be sooooo irritating!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaughn, ha!!

Trinitystar, thank you!!

Catnapping said...

One unfortunate side-effect of the written word is the devaluation of the spoken word.

I shudder at the number of people today who will not accept something unless it's in writing. They act as though oral history is somehow less trustworthy than the stuff winners have carved in stone, or printed on their presses.

Hurtful things are said, lies are delivered via TV, and revisionists scoff. He didn't sign his name to it, did he?

(Ni)mo.Ni said...

i liked the ending!

floots said...

oh so true pat
(and still we boldly go
looking for a golden apple
waxy still-life)
thank you

Pat Paulk said...

Rebecca, we do live in a "cover your ass" world. It is sad.

(ni)mo,ni, thanks for coming by and commenting!!

Floots, again, welcome back!! Thanks!!