Monday, October 09, 2006

Wasting Time

The vanity glass,
that has my bathroom
tattooed on its face,
revealed a ghost haunting
the brown pigment
holding life in my eyes.
I’ve never seen this before.
It must’ve been hiding
behind the front of the deodorant can,
or slipped out from
the hanging silk plant,
that occasionally moves
without a stint of wind.
I bathed my vision
in a blur of Visine drops,
when the peeling paint
on the back wall cleared,
the only thing gone
was a waste of time.


lori said...

This is very funny!

Inconsequential said...


Juliet Wilson said...

Love the idea of your face being tatooed on the mirror!

Anonymous said...


MB said...

It is a little spooky to glimpse one's own mortality. A very original approach!

polona said...

i've been here a couple of times not knowing what to say... a rather haunting poem, but well done!

J.B. Rowell said...

How surreal - I like it! I'll come back and read it again. I wonder about the ending - was it really a waste of time?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It must be the weather....

Russell Ragsdale said...

Yes, aren't we always waisting time, even when we do what are supposed to be important things? Is there really something else we can do with our short, pointless lives? Oops, I got carried away, Pat!

samuru999 said...

Quite a poem Pat!
You write so well!
Always a treat!

Echo said...

Funny? image raising, familier, brown and damaging, awesome.

Don Iannone said...

Nice one Pat. The "eyes" have it!

Masago said...

Alternate perspectives... :-)

Wink said...

Sounds just like me when I loose a
chess game!
Very surreal imagery!

floots said...

a nice moment of bathroom introspection
loved that opening

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

this poem reminding me of the time my grandmother said to me...I look in the mirror and I wonder, WHO IS SHE??? I certainly am not that old.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Do you have a silk plant too

NINANINA said...

bizarre.. I like what floots said "bathroom introspection" awww to think ... the dirty dust that collects on sil plants.....all those layers of dried flecked skin and dandruff. ha ha LOL.
thanks for your comment about icky politicians. its encouraging and made me laugh:)

C said...

I like this one. Reminds me of flitting thoughts.

Cathy said...

It's getting late here and I need to go to bed; I enjoyed this; didn't really understand it but it amused me; my lasting impression; you need to clean your bathroom :)

Amalendu said...

Frankly Pat, I did not waste time reading this...lovely

Pat Paulk said...

Lori, it certainly is better to laugh than cry. Thank you!!

Inconsequential, thanks!!

Juliet, better there than the obituaries. Thanks for coming by and commenting!!

Juan Matus, aka, Karasu, thanks!!

MB, I guess a little glimpse here and there is better than a sudden introduction. Thank you ma'am!!

Julia, you've asked an excellent question, now I wonder... Thank you!!

Andrew, either that, or I know what happened to all the Miller Lites in my frig!!

Russell, as long as it's not in the horizontal position, that's OK!!

Thank you Margie!!

Echo, thank you!!

Thanks Don!! As long as they're all open!!

Vaughn, yes. thanks!!

Wink, I'm sure if I were to play I'd lose. Been toooooo many years. Thanks!!

Floots, I never wondered what "The Thinker" was doing when he was thinking!! Thanks!!

Tongue in cheek, I know what she saw!!

Sue, I do!!

Thanks Nina, you hang in there.

C, yeah, they're still flitting at this point...thank you!!

Cathy, you may have a point. Maybe, it's grime on the mirror, and I'm still an 18 year old stud!! I like that!!

Thanks Amalendu!! How's that baby?