Saturday, October 14, 2006

Remodeling, But Open

Friday the 13th, late night October,
Summer checked out, and
cold poured into my pores, all of them,
goose bumps poked out, like occupied flags.

Remodeled the exterior of my body
with a sweat shirt and long pants,
cleaned up the inside with hot coffee,
and a thorough mopping of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

New season, new residents
deserve upgraded digs,
thinking about a hat for the penthouse,
the roof is getting awfully thin.


MB said...

Those last two lines are very funny! I enjoy your sense of humor and the way you are putting additions onto your metaphors!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Cold here tonight. No more fooling around.

I wear ballcaps all the time. (especially at the university)

What thatch? Not to worry my friend. Shakespeare had his roof re-thatched many times. All that heat under the dome killed too many follicles.

Seasons and loss of innocence be damned, poetry is perminent.

Dr. D

samuru999 said...

Love this poem Pat!
Just great!
Have a super weekend!

polona said...

wow, a sarurday poem! and an excellent one for that! enjoyed, pat!

Don Iannone said...

mcnpcGood one, Pat. You usually don't write on weekends.

mikaelah said...

haha! Great one for the change of seasons. It has hit here too...and we are slowwww with the remodeling.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I enjoyed this :)

gulnaz said...

cold poured into my pores, all of them,
goose bumps poked out, like occupied flags.

loved this bit!!

Masago said...

Ha ha...especially like "cleaned up the inside with hot coffee".


what a great poem! You bring the seasons, the day to life... and give life itself a personality.

iamnasra said...

Don of conscious-living was highlighted in LIP (
hope u can share ur thoughts on Don

jel said...

this a cool one!

dsnake1 said...

haha, my roof is getting awfully thin too! :)

Nea said...

haha. well with Pat a Rose is never JUST a I am sure there is a deeper meaning.........

Amalendu said...

enjoyed it... don't worry about thining hair....

Pat Paulk said...

Oh, you think the hair disappearing from the top of my head is funny??? Maybe, I need to pour the fertilizer on top of my head instead of down my throat... Thank you Mary Beth!!

Dr. D, I think you have serious cold there. We just get enough to know how blessed we are to live in the "suthern" USA. Thatch, that's a thought...

Margie, I did!! Hope you did too!!

A Polona WOW. Love 'em!!!

Don, I'm not usually home on weekends. Employee issue I had to resolve. Resolved, poem written and quickly back to the lake. Thanks!! Great interview!!

Mikaelah, when I get cold, I get quick with adding on layers. Don't like being cold. Thank you!!

Thank you Andrew!! How's Mom and the new addition?

Gulnaz, thank you!! It's exactly how it felt, too!!

Vaughn, yep!! Bailey's didn't hurt none neither.

EP, why thank you ma'am!! Personally, we could go from Spring to Fall to Spring to Fall Like a broken record.

Janice, thank you!!

Dsnake, must be contagious!!

Ah, Nea, my legs are too short to play in the deep end. Thank you!!

Amalendu, just another thing to poke fun about. So far aging is very entertaining (except in the middle of the night when my joints cry out for immediate attention. That ain't funny!).

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Yes I feel like someone stole summer- you made me giggle