Thursday, October 26, 2006

Like A Buzzard Circling

Like a buzzard circling
the dying breaths of a wounded world,
Winter salivates for the coming feast.
His 9 to 5 is feeding on all things dying,
dying and rotting, painting the nostrils
of skittering masses with overcoats,
scarves, and dirty long underwear—
worn over and over, you can’t see those,
and the smell mingles with the fallen,
angels and trees, contorted in
an Armageddon pose too ghastly
to be remnants of what once was alive.


Poetry by Kai said...


Russell Ragsdale said...

Do I detect a touch of darkness? Very nice Pat. (we may have to switch titles soon)

samuru999 said...

Great poem Pat!
You should see it here right now!
Winter is salivating us...
with a blizzard...
not very nice right now!
hoping we don't lose power...
likely will very soon!

gautami tripathy said...

Why did I feel sad reading this?

Whatever...another good one from you.

polona said...

a different voice, but still uniquely yours.. great write!
(still no signs of winter here, thank goodness :))

Don Iannone said...

Uniquely said. I like it!

MB said...

Dark and gruesome! Just in time for Halloween, maybe! ;-) We're still in autumn here, though intermittent frosts are beginning.

Anonymous said...

love it, pat! especially: "and the smell mingles with the fallen, / angels and trees, contorted in / an Armageddon pose too ghastly / to be remnants of what once was alive". sounds like hell ...

sage said...

ya'll wear long underwear down there? nice poem

Masago said...

Grim outlook on Mr. Freeze.
BTW Up here (Canada) we start wearing long underwear (long johns) in late August. :-)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

perfect -- I hate winter.

Anonymous said...

Winter, war and global warming all wrapped up into one!

floots said...

beautifully bleak portrait pat
thank you

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Kai!! Wows are always welcome!!

Russell, light and dark punch the same time clock. I've worked with both on the assembly line!! Thank you!!

Margie, hope you've dug out from all that snow!! Thank you!!

Gautami, it is a sad poem. Metaphorically winter is sad, and to some literally so. Thank you!!

Polona, it just kind of squirted out, so I ran with it. I think I get in too much of a rut sometimes. Thank you!!

Thank you Don!!

MB, us too. Just anticipating the road ahead. Trick, or treat??

Senile, the woods behind my house look like hell in Winter. Thanks!!

Sage, when I gets cold I wear whatever!! Yep, got several pair of long drawers. Thank you!!

Damn Vaughn, we're still battling 90 to a 100 in late August. That gives me the shivers!!

I'm with you J. Andrew!!

Joyce, like a multi-grain bar!!

74 and sun shining bright today. Not exactly the picture I painted. Thanks Floots!!