Friday, October 06, 2006

Keeping The Beat

I read a book of poems
by a Pocket Poet.
Maybe, it was the first,
actually, I think it was.
Neither he, nor it
would fit in any I have,
they’ve all gotten smaller,
seems there’s less need
for carrying things.
The poetry flowed,
like the offspring of melting ice,
running down the hot hand
of a shadow darting under city lights,
keeping the beat,
keeping the beat...


samuru999 said...

Wonderful poem Pat.....
Keep that beat... flowing!

MB said...

Pulse of a poem, pulse of the poet, pulse of a pocket, pulse of a heart, pulse of a street light, keep the beat, keep the beat!

gautami tripathy said...

It flows, it flows!

polona said...

good one, pat! keep it flowing, keep the beat!

Poetry by Kai said...


dsnake1 said...

Pat rocks !

Amalendu said...

tis so real when we think about how a poem flows... at the same time when it does not come we look at someone above. Alovely set of poems Pat...

Tim S said...

Some very interesting ideas, and with rhythm! Well done!

Anonymous said...

nicely done

Joyce said...

I like your image of melting ice!

mikaelah said...

well, I had to go and look up pocket poets and it kept me busy all morning
and now the dust is thicker
and a few more cobwebs spun
and the breakfast dishes wait
and I enjoyed the time
even found some poems in pockets I picked...

keep on keeping the beat Pat...

bre said...

nicely done

Masago said...

Good stuff. Maybe this could be added to YOUR forth-coming(?) pocket book of poems.

floots said...

(just written something in which city lights - bookstore and literally - play a part)
i too (classics aside) started with pocket poets
this really cuts it with me
and i love that ambiguous ending
(maybe i'll wear my beret to celebrate)
great stuff pat

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Very nice tempo in this one...

texas haijin said...

this does have a beat to it.



Russell Ragsdale said...

Pocket poets are great things. I haven't forgotten about the torte I promised you the recipe for, Pat. Hope to do it at midterm break.

Inconsequential said...



jel said...

morning Pat,
hope you had a safe weekend!

have a great day!

Pat Paulk said...

Margie, thank you. It's always the timing that gets me.

MB, spoken like a true musician!!

Gautami, thank you!!

Polona, would I could!

Thank you Kai!!

Dsnake, makes me feel so much younger. Thank you!!

Amalendu, you have the flow in a new baby boy!!!

Tim, thank you!!

Thank you anonymous!!

Thanks Joyce!!

Mikaelah, thank you for taking the time to pick out the reference!! Lawrence Ferlinghetti is worth the read. Been too many years since I had.

Thank you Mandy!!

Vaughn, would you contact Mr. Ferlinghetti and ask him if he would publish it at City Lights???

Floots, I found it in an old bookstore the other day, and refreshed my brain with a high school hero. You'd look good in a beret sitting on your logs "falling upwards into city lights". Thank you sir!!

Thanks Andrew!!

Thanks Dustin!!

Russell, by your pictures you are a busy, busy man. Thanks for remembering!!

Inconsequential, dig it!!

Thank you Janice!!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

your words flow, they have undernotes in their pockets too!!!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Poems I carry them everywhere, pocket or otherwise there is always a time to revisit that feeling-keeping the beat-keeping the beat..