Monday, April 16, 2007

Chill Out

Yesterday, the wind
was jovial in conversation,
and easy to hang out with.
Today, it stormed out
with a bitter tongue,
and obviously wants
to spend the day alone.


dsnake1 said...

sounds like my mood yesterday, the "bitter tongue" part. :)

lovely one, pat, as usual.

Janice Thomson said...

Oh how delightful Pat!...and how true...we too have had some unbelievable wind howling around the corner like a winter blizzard.

Nancy said...

what a poem...those poor runners. I can not imagine what they are going through, many a "bitter tongue"

jel said...


NINANINA said...

yes its a very lonely wind when its unpredictable and chills you to the bone. sweet poem. I always liked the song "idiot wind" by dylan.
check me on sundays!!!

firebird said...

Yes, you said it!
It was a good day to stay home and write, and hope the electricity stays on to run the computer and the sump pump (it did, thank God!)

Love the way you express this so vividly!

Pris said...

I like!:-)

polona said...

the wind needs some privacy too...
absolutely love this one!

Margie said...

Hi Pat
It seems like ages since I've visited you here.
I've been sooooo very busy and have very little time to visit blogs or attend to my blog.
I've missed all your wonderful poems!
I'll be posting a poem in a few days, but then will be saying goodbye for a while...maybe till the Fall.
Hope to have you come on by for a visit when I've posted my poem.
Till I see you again...
Take good care.
Bye for now!
Keep on writing all your amazing poems.

I love this one!


Masago said...

(Finally you are getting some descent weather down there).

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

oh I'm sorry! It's warming up here, so I can smile :)

floots said...

so simple
so good
love this pat
thank you

Don Iannone said...

A lecherous wind blows; desiring the sweetness of spring. Good one Pat.

jel said...

sounds like a windy to me !!!! :0>

Katie McKenna said...

wonderful!! Simply wonderful!

gautami tripathy said...

Sounds like my mental state and physical too..:D

Grammie said...

I feel that in writing this beautiful little poem you meant the wind...but, to me it is also appropros for the horrific tragedy that occurred at Va. Tech.

Such a sad day...

Beaman said...

Were you really talking about the wind here? Or did someone fall out of bed on the wrong side?

Cathy said...

Oh yes...and she is whipping swirls outside my window right now.
Angry wind.

Carol said...

Good description of the winds' changing moods.

Pat Paulk said...

Dsnake, it was definitely the winds mood here. Thanks!!

Janice, I guess Winter had one more thing to say before it disappeared this year. Thanks!!

Nancy, and hanging out too. They ran it though. Thank you!!

Thanks Janice!!

Nina, I checked you today. Thanks!!

Thanks Vivian!! Glad the power stayed on and you didn't get flooded.

Thanks Pris!! Loved your last poem.

Polona, didn't think of it that way, but you maybe right. And it got left alone too!! Thanks!!

Thanks Margie!! have a good summer!!

Vaughn, you you have a strange definition of "descent". Thanks!!

Andrew, you could've sucked more of the cold out of it, before you sent it here. Thanks!!

Thanks Floots!!

Don, definitely so!!

Janice, it was!!

Katie, thanks for the wonderful comment!!

Gautami, I hope your state, physically and mentally, improves.

Grammie, I confess I didn't have that in mind. But, it definitely was an ill, ill wind.

Beaman, probably some of both.

Cathy, it really was.

Thanks Carol!!

Katie McKenna said...

Did I tell you I really really like this? Cause I do.

tongue in cheek said...

Weather can be such a fickled friend.

Nea said...

haha.........don't cha just love these "gentle southern breezes", I just stay low to the ground on days like this........