Thursday, April 12, 2007

Inspected By

I clean my glasses once a day
with tap water under the faucet.
My fingerprints, from scratching my eyes,
come off with little effort at all.
The smudges that are hardest to remove
are halter tops barely covering
what they smartly advertise,
and back pockets on ladies jeans
you couldn’t slip a peek down in, to see
if there was an “inspected by “ label inside.

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Nancy said...

How True, my kids are 18 and 10 y/o and I thank God their style of dress is appropriate. I never forced a style but we did have rules, now they are their own rulers and they have kept the same style. I am lucky.

jel said...

is it spring or something?

Janice Thomson said...

:D Good one Pat!

Rethabile said...

So is there? A label, I mean. Your poetry never disappoints.

Bill said...

Have I mentioned lately that I REALLY enjoy your poetry?

Thanks for sharing.

daisies said...

oh wonderful ..

Don Iannone said...

You shall be know from here forward as "Letch." Too funny!

polona said...

so it was your glances i felt the other day... :)
thoroughly enjoyed!

NINANINA said...

hey nice pic! I have ascended from internet purgatory!
yes I can relate to smeary glasses. they are so annoying - but a cotton t shirt will have suffice for a halter !
I love ypou poems - they are about such benign & habitual (ritual)! things that we do everyday and doing even think about - yet you ponder so!

Lainey said...

"Don Iannone said...
You shall be know from here forward as "Letch." Too funny!"

Don, you haven't known Pat too long have you?

Made me giggle... somethings never changed do they?

sage said...

we know what you're on the lookout for... I got a chuckle out of your poem, thanks!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Ha! --- my ODEO thing isn't working for me -- can't figure out why -- did they change their format? Oh well, no one needs to hear my voice anyway. :)

floots said...

i do clean my glasses regularly
but these damn sheep never wear halter tops :)

tongue in cheek said...

Tsk tsk Pat!

trinitystar said...

steaming up the windows again!
she giggles.

gautami tripathy said...

some inspection, that.


BMI-Body Mass Index

Body mass index (BMI) is measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women.

Pat Paulk said...

Nancy sounds like you are. Good parenting!!

Janice, sap is rising, as they say down here.

Thanks Janice Thomson!!

Rethabile, the pokets were closed too tightly to see. Thank you sir!!

"bill", not in a very long time.

Daisies, thanks for coming by. I hope that was a good "oh wonderful..."

Don, I have been called worst. Thanks!!

Yes ma'am Polona it was!! The glances or the poem??

Nina, glad to see you've risen from the ashes!! Thank you!!

Now, Lainey, don't tell everything you know.

Sage, looking is all. Thanks!!

Andrew, can't get mine to work this morning either. Have had that happen before. Who knows.

Floots, in some States here (Georgia not being one of them) that thought might be illegal.

Corey, I'm guilty.

Trinitystar, you are right!!

Pat Paulk said...

Gautami, we were typing at the same time. Thanks!! Oh, BMI, what I have toooooo much of.

Rob Kistner said...

Oh My! You caught me!

Masago said...

Cute *wink*

Nea said...

hmmmmmmmm maybe you need to clean your glasses, TWICE a day......haha