Thursday, April 05, 2007

In The Shadows

I’ve been trimming tree limbs
trying to get sunlight
to my disappearing grass.
It doesn’t like the shade,
too dark, too cold, deadly.


Masago said...

Very pertinent...there are some branches in my life I need to get around to pruning. :-)

Nancy said...

very thought provocative or simulating. this could apply to my life and my grass. We've given up on the grass and have decided to love the moss but with our life we are trying to trim the dead wood to let the sun shine in.

sage said...

Instead of taking this metaphorically (about prunings that we all need), I take it literally and ask, why cut the branches? You'll have less grass to mow!

Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

I like the shade but I love sunlight.

Good stuff! =)

trinitystar said...

applies to my life ... we all need the room for new growth in our lives. De clutter our homes and mind ... SEE THE LIGHT! :o)
hugs for you.
Not posting Pat for about a week ... will try to visit.
Im taken up with school holidays.

polona said...

works for me both literally and metaforically.
great stuff!

firebird said...

Brrr...I'm with the grass here!
Now to find the perfect balance for a shady spot in the summertime...

lainey said...

maybe those branches are there for protection from ravages yet to come?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've let my trees take over. Less grass, less mowing. :)

Gypsy Purple said...

Have a great and blessed

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece. I am not a poet and don't write poetry but I am always intrigued by the words poets use and the kinds of meanings related to what they write.

I do write, however, and while most of what I do write is for newspapers and magazines, I try to find ways to make a story with many branches and the grass is sometimes hard to find but it is always there.

I came to thank you for stopping at my blog. I appreciate that.

Brookville Daily Photo

Janice Thomson said...

I like this Pat...liked the choice of words that proved very thought-provoking at a deeper level.

Grammie said...

Incredible poetry....glad that I stopped by!

Anonymous said...

Oh may this is very thought provoking. I enjoyed it.

jel said...

I'm still picking up tree limbs, from the ice storm

take care

Kai C. said...


Cathy said...

and mine doesn't like the constant freeze and thaw; now we are expecting snow on Sunday!

Katie McKenna said...

Interesting comparison. I believe we all strive for balance.. except for life in the wilderness. Then tis the strongest, smartest. Although on reflection the wildness is full of peace, while the cites and civilization... are often full of danger. Life is ironic that way.

gautami tripathy said...

I finally started pruning those branches in my life..

I needed this, thanks!

tongue in cheek said...

In the summer that shade might be welcoming?

floots said...

that mean old shade
life's full of it

dsnake1 said...

i have a feeling that this is not just about trimming tree limbs.

great write!

Nea said...

yes, this is happening up here in the forest known as my back yard, beginning to have too much shade. It froze again last disappointing, with all this global warming, you wouldn't expect frost in mid april.......

Good piece Pat, but then they always are, ..... :)

Pat Paulk said...

Vaughn, we all do. My problem is i don't want to. Thanks!!

Nancy, you have moss in Mass.? I love the trees, but a bare yard in the neighborhood would be like me sticking my bare @$$ out there. Thanks!!

Sage, see comment above. Thanks!!

Urban Butterfly, I love both, but in this case the tree may have to go. Thank you!!

Trinitystar, thanks!! Hope you have a great holiday!!

Thanks Polona!! Me too.

Thanks Vivian!! I can find some shade...somewhere...

Lainey, metaphorically/psychologically you maybe right. You would definitely know. But, literally, I have to have the grass.

Andrew, the neighbors would shoot me. It's not because I love mowing the grass.

Gypsy Purple, I did. Thanks for coming by and commenting!!

Abraham Lincoln, thanks for returning the visit. Loved the photos!!

Janice Thomson, thank you!!

Grammie, I'm very glad you did too!! Please, come back.

Retrochyld, thank you!! Hope you'll come back.

Janice, just say no to ice.

Thank you Kai!!

Cathy, we've had a rare cold snap here too.

Katie, I love your take on this. Thanks!!

Gautami, thanks!! Been trying to prune a few in my own.

Corey, it sure would be, but the grass demands sun!! Like me.

Floots, the shadows can be a lonely place. Thanks!!

Dsnake, I have a feeling you're right. Thanks!!

Nea, this cold snap may have killed a young crepe myrtle I have. *&^%$!! Thanks Nea!!