Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shadows Are The Fingernails Of The Sun

You say this can’t be so?
Of course it is!
There are times the sun rubs the earth,
and shadows are nowhere to be found.
But, if I show you the palms of my hands,
my fingernails are hidden from your view.
There is no place the sun touches that
eventually a shadow will scratch its hide.
So, shadows are the fingernails of the sun,
if you still don’t believe disprove it if you can.

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Nancy said...

Nice one, they talk about Global Warming but we are getting a North Easter tomorrow!!! I want the sun to show me its finger nails.

dsnake1 said...

umm, i can't quite follow the logic but i like your argument. :)

jel said...

Thanks Pat! :0>

polona said...

well, i can't argue with that :)
love it!

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

Pat, love the recording. I often listen to recorded poems because I really enjoy hearing the nuances of the poet.

Masago said...

Wow, such a philosophical wax. I love to see things differently. Well done!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

never thought of it this way...


I like it... I never quite thought of it that way before; shadows being fingernails of the sun, it's very original and creates great imagery.

floots said...

i figure if you tell me
then it has to be true :)
great idea pat

Lainey said...

"There is no place the sun touches that
eventually a shadow will scratch its hide"

You've got it!

Very very very good Pat, love it!

tongue in cheek said...

I never thought about the sun having fingernails.
Wavy hair, yes
Golden crown, yes.

Thanks for helping me take the sunglasses off and look again.

Pat Paulk said...

Nancy, eventually it always does. Thank you!!

Dsnake, I'm not sure I follow it either. Just liked the thought.

Thanks Janice!!

Polona, just a wild imagining inside my pea brain. Thanks!!

Thanks Christine!! Congratulations on being published in the Pedestal!!

Thanks Vaughn!! Different it is.

Andrew, until two days ago I hadn't either.

Thanks Khaya!!

Floots, trust me, I would never lead you astray. Thanks!!

Thank you Lainey, very, very, very much!!!

Corey, it's good to see your pretty eyes!! Thank you!!