Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Headstones Of Trees

I watched a worm squirming
in the beak of a robin
feeling sympathy for its plight.

There was no hope of escape,
only a moment before
being gulped into oblivion.

Doesn’t seem fair to be
Monday’s blue plate special,
especially without recompense,
or a ceremony for sacrificial service.

But, nature has its own set of ethics—
actually, she doesn’t. We’re the ones
that write books of rules
printed on the headstones of trees.


gautami tripathy said...

"We’re the ones
that write books of rules
printed on the headstones of trees."

I wholly agree with that. Otherwise nature has a way to take care of its own. Survival of the fittest.

trinitystar said...

Yep! I second that. We have rules for this and that ... Nature is just Being Itself.

floots said...

even mankind's double standards have double standards
like the way you've dealt with this

Janice Thomson said...

Amen! Man's ignorance rarely sees the meticulous way Nature keeps everything in balance...loved this one Pat.

polona said...

wow! powerful ending!!

JaneDoughnut said...

We invent the ethics and then invent new ways to ignore them. Excellent thoughts.

Beaman said...

Great little poem. Your insights are enjoyable to read. I especially like the ending.

C said...

I really see what you mean. All the killing of trees for human needs.

sage said...

headstone of trees... powerful twist at the ending

Masago said...

Very powerful.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very true

Carol said...

Good catch of Nature being hard to watch sometimes.

dsnake1 said...

love the last strophe, powerful.

Nature has its rules, but most times, we choose to ignore it.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Prefound as ever Pat-just finding a break in my coursework and wanting to catch up with everyone, hope you are OK