Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fast Food Mugging

A murderous gang of fast food fries
mugged my heart in Greenville, Alabama.
As best I can determine, since my eyes
only read obits in the now and back when,
they made off with approximately 24,382 beats.
I also think one of the greasy slick sticks
slipped a hand inside the vest pocket of my lungs,
and lifted several hundred old and fading breaths.
Not a lot when calculated in minutes and hours,
assuming I have years to recover what was lost.


Russell Ragsdale said...

Can't argue with hope (at least in principle!

floots said...

"mugged my heart" - a wonderful way of describing the seductive wiles of forbidden fruits of all kinds
thank you

polona said...

oh well... take away the forbidden fruits and there's hardly anything left worth living for...

Janice Thomson said...

I do enjoy how you can take any subject, add a little humor, a good point and some well-worded phrases and make wonderful poems Pat!

Katie McKenna said...

laughing... your writing is such a fabulous treat !!!! Thank you!

Masago said...

Please recover... ;-)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

did you write this for me?? :)

dsnake1 said...

humorous take on a serious subject. :)

NINANINA said...

what a vision! greasy fries infiltrating a healthy heart.... would make for an effective illustration!
thanks for inspiring my imagination -

tongue in cheek said...

I agree with floots.
Mugged my heart!
Those slims fries with salt can do that.
Very clever!!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Well they say laughter cures all so hopefully you've just counteracted tea and that half bottle of wine from yesterday - thanks Pat!

gautami tripathy said...

How do you do it? Writing poetry about mundane stuff?

It is such a beauty!

firebird said...

I love that! "greasy slick sticks"--I can just see them, those sleazy operators!

This is a riot! I had such fun reading it...a new angle on a timely problem!