Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Heart Of A Storm

I watched your jowls
flush up with fury,
jagged electric veins
pop up and down
your stout gray neck.
I listened to you threaten
cowering trees, and neighborhood cats.
Yet, underneath all that whoosh and fume
beat a heart full of tears
for thirsty roots of dying souls.


cocaine jesus said...

i sometimes do that. you know, lose it and go out into the garden and abuse the trees!

fine poem.

firebird said...

I had to read this again to get the last lines...
Yes! Storms are so welcome when the earth is dry, you really tell it like it is--so vividly and with humor!
This is worth reading again and again...

Janice Thomson said...

Wow Pat...the last 2 lines really grabbed at the ole heart strings...once again such imagery in this.

floots said...

glorious stuff pat
captures the spirit (and purpose)
of the storm

Margie said...

Wonderful poem Pat!
I so enjoyed it!
Nice to be here again!
Hope all is great with you.
I'm still busy as ever and very little time to visit blogger friends.

polona said...

another WOW!
such vivid imagery
and great last two lines

(have seen enough of these lately)

sage said...

Yeah, some of those nice "jagged electric veins" kept me in your fair city a lot longer than planned on Monday afternoon and evening. Good one.

Masago said...

*Applause* Well done! Some dogs go nuts too.

Katie McKenna said...

So much passion! Very powerful Pat!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this is very emotional! nice work

Nea said...

yehman, I hear it, I feel it, I see it, and, and, ......... then it passes right over, 50% chance of rain.......and we get that other 50%

Celestine Wee said...

your poetry is really good...

trinitystar said...

Had to read it twice ... clever! :o)

NINANINA said...

amazing, it reminds me about how my poor old dad used to get so worked up and mad. I really love your poetry - have to read it 2 or 3 tmes!

Rax said...

this is really powerful. overwhelming images. but quite needed for growth. wonderful

JaneDoughnut said...

Anger, my protector.

I love this one.

tongue in cheek said...

Thunder claps
Encore cries the soil!

Pat Paulk said...

CJ, I've done that myself though I don't think the plants and trees think it's the same as rain. Thak you!!

Vivian, we've been so dry any rain is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Thanks Janice!! A good rain would grab the heart strings of my grass.

Thanks Floots!!

Thanks for coming by Margie!! I keep checking to see if you've written any new poems.

Thanks Polona!!! I'll trade you 10 drys for 1 rain.

Sage, back when I was a "travelling salesman"...well that's another story. Thanks!!

Thanks Vaughn!! Our cockers hated thunder and loud noises.

Thanks Katie!! I'm a passionate kind of guy.

Thanks Andrew!!!

Nea, that's exactly it. Did get some last night and this morning. Thanks!!

Celestine Wee Thanks for the comments and the visit!!

Thanks Trinitystar. More thirsty than clever.

Nina, I don't mind the worked up and mad if it would just leave the tears. Thank you!!

Rax, thanks!! Yeah without it we all stop growing.

Jane not a bad shield to have sometimes. Thank you!!

Corey my soil is crying thank you right now.

dsnake1 said...

electric stuff!