Monday, July 31, 2006

A Boy In Buenos Aires

I’ve been mugged by a gang
of common cold viruses,
never saw them coming,
very professional in their stealthy approach.
They stripped my nose of smell,
and left it bleeding gray gunk,
decorum dissuades further description;
my throat, with viral graffiti scratched on its walls,
begs cherry flavored, mentho-lyptus mercy
for the indignity of such gravelly, grating art.
It is Summer!
they’re supposed to be marauding
in the Southern Hemisphere.
A boy in Buenos Aires is running and laughing
with clear nasal passages,
while I take a decongestant every 4 hours.


Aurora said...

"They stripped my nose of smell,
and left it bleeding gray gunk,
decorum dissuades further description;
my throat, with viral graffiti scratched on its walls"

*swoon* Oh, Pat, you master of the poetic pen, romance us some more with these swarthy descriptions! :):):)

Okay, seriously, some of us are EATING while we read your blog. Do you MIND?! :):):)

(Get better soon.)

DEAD123456789 said...
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Osquer said...

I must have a stronger stomach than Aurora. I think good poetry is worth a little mucus.

Loved "my throat, with viral graffiti scratched on its walls"

floots said...

s'not funny
anyone who can produce poetry from their own nasal discharge
has gotto be ok
you should be made booger (sorry - blogger) of the week :)
hope you feel better soon

Nea said...

haha, oh we get our muse from the most amazing places.......the sinus cavities.....ooooooooze on my friend.

Hope you get better Pat. Been there, done that.....glad you are at a safe distance, haha.......

Now go give your honey a big ole wet kiss, misery just loves company...haha

Osquer said...

*giggle* Oh, Floots, that's hysterical! Between you and Pat I'll be laughing about phlegm all day!

Pat, sorry to be so tickled by your discomfort. I hope you feel better!

Don Iannone said...

Pat...feel better. Great poem. Vivid indeed. Wow!

polona said...

great poem, pat!
(love "my throat, with viral graffiti scratched on its walls")
i don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for you...
adding my get well wishes to the lot!

samuru999 said...

I am amazed at your use of words!
Great poem.
Feel better soon!

MB said...

Well, darn that boy in Buenos Aires, then! If he'd taken on his share of viruses, after all, you wouldn't be in the pickle you're in, would you?

Ah, being sick's no fun. Best wishes for a speedy return to good health, and kudos for working it up into a poem!

With a sense of humor, no less... You sure you're really sick? ;-)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

"decorum dissuades further description"
Thanks, I just ate. :)

Masago said...

Permission to recite this later this winter (with appropriate substitutions, of course). "Lovely"

Wink said...


So, yea have a cold do we?
I've got bad sinuses, but
your poem cleared them up!
Never laughed so hard in my

its_baxter said...

great to read your work, as always

dumbdodi said...

hehehehe,really funny. I suffer from both chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. I can really relate to the poem.

Amalendu said...

Pat.. its great to be back and have the doses of your poems...doesn't matter even if its a "viral graffiti", "launder heart" or "language of love"...

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

Take care dear. You know, hot ginger-lemon drink did the job of chasing my cold away and lubricates the throat. Sleep well and hope you get better soon.

Pat Paulk said...

AA, you sure know how to compliment a person when they're down!!

Thanks Leif!! No nosebleeds, yet.

Osquer thanks!! I knew somebody would understand!

Thanks Floots! A visit to the doc and some heavy duty antibiotics, I think I'm making a come back.

Thanks Nea. She left for work coughing this morning.

No problem Osquer, if I didn't feel so bad I'd laugh at me too.

Thanks Don!!

Polona feel sorry for me, AA's been laughing hard at me. Thanks!

Thank you Margie!!

MB, if I ain't sick, dying's got to look pretty good. If I ever find the little rascal, I'm going to breathe in his face. Thank you!

Anytime Andrew!! I do love to share!

Vaughn as long as I don't have to play the lead role again. Thank you!!

Wink, glad I could clear your sinuses up!!

Thanks Ruthanne!

Dumbdodi, I hate the thought of anybody relating to this mess.

Shyamalle, glad you came back, thank you!!

Medusa started taking antibiotics yesterday, feel some better today. Doesn't sound bad with some bourbon in it.

Poetry by Kai said...

i hope u feel better....

**SilvermOOn** said...

Love the phrase "its viral graffitti scratched."
Hope you feel better.
Interesting worldy/dreamy view of the cold free boy in B.A.

bre said...

At least they didn't affect your wit, and keep your fingers from typing....Glad you are on the mend