Monday, July 17, 2006

Golden Little Eggs

There are coffee beans,
from Indonesia,
processed through
the digestive tract of a tree dwelling mongoose,
harvested, washed and dried,
then sold for hundreds of dollars a pound;
a four-legged
hop and drop factory,
leaving processed goods
like cookie dough on a jungle floor.
No rent, light bills or union wages,
just piles and piles
of golden little eggs!


Aurora said...

Nicely done.:)

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

There is also an asian fruit called "durian". The golden egg version of these are expelled from the rear of elephants. They're supposed to be more aromatic and tasty. Someday I hope I'll find an answer for why Asian's have this thing for food recycling!

Jon Cox said...

AWESOME Poem! I love the discriptions! :o) Thank you so much for your comment as well, there are A LOT more on the way! :oD

floots said...

a serious sadness behind this one
(but i also found myself wondering if i dare order a shatte latte)
if you make me think and laugh
i gotta like it

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm drinking coffee right now - thanks a lot! :)
(I'll go get a bottle of water.)

Joyce said...

This one made me smile!

polona said...

this one made me smile
then it made me think
but it doesn't make me renounce my coffee... :)
good one!

Pris said...

ummmm....first time I heard this. Great poem, but it makes me glad I don't drink coffee:-)

Nea said...

hmmmmmmmmmm recycling, gotta love it, I love my coffee......but I prefer the undigested version..........

NOW THAT WOULD BE A JOB.......collecting those little Golden Eggs.......

Great to ponder....

Masago said...

I wonder who first thought of making coffee like this from animal turds? Nicely worded.

Don Iannone said...

Great po-em Pat. I suggest you watch those exotic coffee blends. When in doubt...Maxwell House. Good to the last d-r-o-p.

Poetry by Kai said...


Wink said...

Geez Pat!
Will I ever drink coffee again?
No, seriously, great poem!

Carol said...

Quite the story, Pat.

Borut said...

I stopped drinking coffee, or at leat I think so (for it is not the first time that I've stopped drinking it) a few days ago. So, it's OK with me. Almost surrealistic, if it were not real, beautiful, with a lot of questions left open...?:)

dsnake1 said...

i think i'll stick to tea. unless someone wri.....

Borut said...

I have second thoughts about this one. Too many questions open!?:) I wish it were PURELY fictional. But then again, reality can be greater than fiction. If it were a hoax of sorts, it would illustrate the tendency of our ordinary minds to swallow, with infinite ease, the bait of weird stories. The weirder the better. I remember reading about a teacher whose favourite teaching hoax was to ask: ‘Does anybody here know anything about the retinas of chimpanzees. When her pupils confessed that they didn’t have any idea at all she would continue: ‘Then I can say anything I want.’ And she would really utter barbarities about the topic discussed that would send her pupils to the ground laughing.
If the coffee tale is true, it’s an excellent illustration of what our brains are prepared to eat for a little bit of mental stimulation, literally and otherwise.
Be that as it may, this is a superb ‘teaching story’. Once you have greed operating (golden eggs), the wildest absurdities may be accepted as perfectly reasonable.:)
I sought confirmation of this story from a ‘reliable source’ and got it. It was on TV.:)
But Stanley Kubrick’s first landing of man on the Moon was also.:)

jel said...


Osquer said...

I think I'll stick with tea.

Pat Paulk said...

Thank you Ma'am!

Medusa, personally I'm not "taste" testing anything that comes out of the southbound end of anything that chews it at the northbound end.

Thanks Jon!!

Floots it made me take a more serious "smell" of my coffee. Thank you!!

Andrew I am to please!!

Joyce, I'm always glad to offer up a smile!

Polona, glad I could make you do both. No, I'm not giving up my Maxwell House, either.

Pris, I've cut my vices down to fantasies, other than coffee. They will pry my dead fingers from around my cup!! Something like that anyway.

Nea, it's a job I think I'll pass on. Thank you!!

Vaughn, I'd guess it was somebody that had a very serious addiction to it.

Don, I am a Maxwell House man. Now, more so than ever!!

Thanks Kai!!

Thanks Wink!! You live in Ohio, it's a State law. You have to drink coffee.

Thank you Carol!!

Borut, I saw this on a Sunday morning show. I also found confirmation on the internet.Thanks for the pound of thought you put into it!!

Dsnake, if that were the only coffee choice I had, I would be a tea drinker!!

Jel, just check to see were it comes from. Or, live dangerously!!

Osquer, if I drank tea, I wouldn't change either!

bre said...

Cute, as long as the wash it I'll drink it...Yes a serious coffee addict.