Friday, July 21, 2006

Point Of View

The beer sat on the table,
surrounded by bobble-heads on bar stools.
They spit and slurred
about half-full,
half empty, or
stagnating in the middle.
All arguments seemed equally persuasive,
so I decided to interject
my particular point of view.
I picked it up
examining from top to bottom,
let the cold condensation of its nature
slide down my upturned arm,
as I drank it, then left.


Osquer said...

Perspective is important, but so many spend so much time contemplating the nature of the refreshment that they forget to taste it!

I say bottoms up! I plan to drink deep from now on!

Loved "bobble-heads on bar stools"!

polona said...

i like your point of view (hope it was cold enough) :)
great write, pat!

Don Iannone said...

Great one Pat. Too funny. There is a bar (Dutch Henry's) in my hometown (Martins Ferry, OH) where I can imagine this very scene taking place.

Aurora said...

You cowboy you.:)

Poetry by Kai said...

hi pat,

nice writing!

Russell Ragsdale said...

Done perfectly with that light harted cynicism of yours which I so enjoy. Well done Pat!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this one is a good one! :)

steve said...

These days I hear a lot about disruptive technology - something that changes the point of view real fast. Enjoyed this visit to the bar, Pat.

Masago said...

Another succint verbal snapshot...well done!

Lady Wordsmith said...

smashing good image

or is this a
good smashed image?

either way, luv this point of view

bottoms up

Inlow said...

a sensible horizon

Nea said...

He who hesitates ends up with hot beer.

Loved this Pat.....I think your point of view was the best....

dumbdodi said...

cold condensation...what an adjective. I recommend you copyright this one, this one could sell a lot of Beer.Seriously!!

gautami tripathy said...

good one. like the perspective. visually powerful too.

floots said...

i was wondering what to do tonight
mmm beer
specific gravity
no frivolous drinking
thank you for this one

Joyce said...

I can identify with this. Good poetic response.

sage said...

laughing, hope it was good beer--life is too short for cheap beer.

Plus Ultra said...

I don't drink beer, I am allergic to alcohol but this poem I can really drink, unlikely for it to stagnate in my stomach, it goes down the staircase of flesh to shudderingly embrace my hear..(phrase borrowed from Ern Malley, the ficticious Australian post-war poet!).

Strictly for my friends said...

Can't express a sojourn into the pub quite as well!

Thanks for stopping by!

Pat Paulk said...

Osquer, I drink deep up to two beers, then I'm over my head!! Thank you!!

Polona, it was just right!! Thank you!1

Don, drunks are great psychologists and philosophers, they just can't remember what they said. Can't count the number of times I've solved the world's problems.


Thank you Kai!!

Thanks Russell!! Some don't enjoy my cynical nature.

Thanks Andrew!!

Steve, you just can't let things get in the way of cold beer!! Thank you!!

Vaughn,thank you!!

Ladywordsmith, cheers and thanks for coming by.

Inlow, I thought so. Thanks for coming by and commenting!!

Nea, that was my exact point!! Thank you!!

Dumbdodi, what a kind compliment, thank you!!

Gautami, thank you!!

Floots, there are some things in life too serious for frivolity!! Cheers!!

Thank you Joyce!!

Sage, I didn't pay for so it was great!! Thanks!!

Plus, over the years I think I've drunk myself immune. I'm not familiar with Ern Malley, but I will be, thank you!!

Strictly, I only can the next day. Thanks for coming by, hope you'll return!!

bre said...

Always the cynic, and always thinking...But it makes for a great poet...Nicely done.