Thursday, July 27, 2006

Old Glasses

My glasses are at the bottom of the lake,
looking at fish tails, and chicken bones,
and mud that used to be dirt.

I laid them on the back edge of the boat,
an invitation for any blind foot
to be mischievous with my sight.

Thankfully, an old pair was found,
I could see to drive home;
the nursing home on highway 20
seemed to sparkle in the afternoon Sun.


Aurora said...

I think you're making all this old stuff up to garner sympathy from your readers. There was nothing wrong with your eyesight when you took aim with that potato gun.:)

Don Iannone said... are a hoot! You have to lead a poetic life to write this stuff.

samuru999 said...

Funny funny stuff!
Maybe Aurora is right...
you are just looking for that
sympathy from all of us.
Could that be the case? Ha Ha!!
Seriously though...
you sure can write the funny stuff!

polona said...

great stuff, pat!
should i send those ducks over to find your glasses? :)

MB said...

Mischief abounds! ;-)

Nea said...

OUCH..........look the other way quick.........when the old folks home starts to sparkle you have it confused with VEGAS, babeeee. haha

Russell Ragsdale said...

Ah Pat, all that glitters is not golden. It was just a mirage brought on by dusty lenses. Thanks for the fun this morning!

Poetry by Kai said...

that's a good one

Osquer said...

Could you see if your glasses can find the ring I lost when I went whitewater rafting?

Great poem! Wonderful descriptions! You're really good at helping bring the reader right into your world!

Masago said...

***MAJOR HOOT*** Love it!

floots said...

loved it all
but especially that ending

(if i lose my glasses i make a spectacle of myself) :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Oh, I love the ending! Makes me shiver, though.

Borut said...

Old glasses, familiar faces, writing under the influence of the language of love – a point of view. Enjoyed!

Wink said...

Very Borges like Pat!
This one is a good one!!!!
I liked this one a heck of a lot!
Imagery definitely there.
I like to read things like takes
you places!
Very Cool!!!!!!!!!!

Joyce said...

Nice little reminder of our mortality.

Anonymous said...

Too funny... Leave it to you to write poetry about the mishap. I heard the "old glasses" were sunglasses, so I hope you made it home before dark.

GEL said...

"for any blind foot to be mischievous with my sight.
Love the humor "nursing home ...sparkle!"

I'm enjoying reading your poems and can't multi-task quite enough to comment on each one I've read. I've seen you for quite some time on mutual blogs. Terrific writings!I'll be by again! :)

Pris said...

Hey Pat,
If I lost mine, I'd end up in California:-) Neat poem!

Pat Paulk said...

If my aim was so good I wouldn't have missed!!

Actually Don, a very boring one. Just a way I entertain my over active imagination without getting in toooo much trouble!! Thank you!

Margie,all attention is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

Polona, were those ducks coming by FedEx, or paddling? Thank you!!

MB, every chance I get!!

Nea, I just got back from Harrah's in Cherokee, ain't nothing sparkling about any casino to me right now.

Russell, twas my pleasure!!

Thank you Kai!!

Osquer, thank you. Did drop a magnet behind the boat trying to pick up my glasses. No glasses, no ring.

Thanks, Vaughn!!

Floots, unfortunately I can do that with glasses and all!!

Andrew, you're too young to shiver! Thank you!!

Borut, thanks for melodic comment!!

Thanks Wink!!

Joyce, actually I was going for "old things/people" aren't useless, best not to discard them too quick.

The anonymous Gabby, they were and I did. Your granddaughter informed me today, she didn't think she did it, but didn't mean to if she did.

Silvermoon, thank you reading. Come by anytime, lights are always on!

Pris, if my daughter hadn't found some old prescription sunglasses, I couldn't have gone anywhere. I would've been stuck on the boat, that would've been just horrible...