Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dressed To Sell

The "For Sale" sign
in the neighbor’s yard
sways on knee-less wire legs
dressed in a white and blue,
wax-board, starched suit;
brown grass shoes with
scuffed-up curb toes,
round out the attire
of this street side hawker of homes.


,\m/ said...

walking past it,
i see another girl next door move on,
to be replaced by yet another,
and the cycle never ending,
set my heart on fire..

polona said...

a man (oops, sign)'s gotta do what a sign's gotta do...
love it :)

samuru999 said...

What a great poem!
Love this one, Pat!


MB said...

I don't think I would ever have thought of a "for sale" sign this way!

Meander said...

i love the imagery...very concrete visuals. this is a good one.

Masago said...

Love it!

floots said...

nice view of this
well done

trinitystar said...

kind of sad to me this one. Ones whole life in a home ... suddenly a tattered For Sale sign goes up.
Thought evoking.

Kai C. said...


Borut said...

Well the house of my neighbor has been sold a couple of month ago, withouy any such sign!:) They moved out, but nobody moved in. It's terrible to live near an empty house. I've been thinking of setting up a MOVE IN sign!
A good one!

Pat Paulk said...

,\m/, interesting.

Yes it does. Thanks Polona!!

Thanks Margie!!

MB, just shows how bare my cupboard for stuff to write about is.

Thank you Meander!!

Thanks Vaughn!!

Thanks Floots!!

Trinitystar, especially when you need to sell it and it doesn't. Thank you!!

Thanks Kai!!

Borut, I love it!! Maybe there are some "ghosts" already there.

Russell Ragsdale said...

I loved how much personality you managed to put in this sign. Astounding job!

gautami tripathy said...

Very familiar picture in the streets of India. We call it walking shop!