Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tissue Thin Shoes

Do you ever feel like
a pair of tissue thin shoes
exploring the depths
of every mud puddle
two malicious feet can find?

You thirst for sun and clouds, then
slam through watery reflections
leaving rivulets of silver linings
draining back into mimicking mirages
for other worn soles to be plunged.

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Joyce said...


boulies said...

If I wasn't feeling it before, I certainly now feel like "Tissue Thin Shoes" as I've just walked with you through your liquidy vivid imagery. I think anyone can relate to this feeling you provoke. Great Pat!

MB said...


Barnes said...

A fine poem, and read so well. I look forward to more.

Hello Pat, and thank you for your visit.

samuru999 said...

Pat, love this one!
It adds so much when you read...
great reading!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Bravo! I could listen to you all day. :)

Masago said...

That's me as a youngster, wait it's me now too. :-) Nice one!

Queen Neetee said...

How wonderfully written and spoken this piece is.

Now, to deal with the possibility of your having gone through my shoe rack...hhhmm.

dsnake1 said...

hey pat, there's layers of meanings in these depths but it's too much for my mind to comprehend (at the moment)so i'll just sit back and hear you recite the poem again. :)

floots said...

keep on walking pat and let us join you
beautiful - no matter what we tread in :)

Pris said...

I'd add to that 'yes'! Another down to earth good one, Pat.

jel said...

What Floots said! :)

thanks Pat!


tongue in cheek said...

this poem flows, and your reading it is always a plus!
How do you do this, just whip a poem up ! Amazing.

Lyrically speaking said...

A delight to read this and I love the title

Kai C. said...

good to hear your voice.....


Borut said...

A pair of tissue thin shoes ... and ... malicious feet. What a story!:) Enjoyed.

firebird said...

This poem has so many layers of meaning--I had to revisit it again!
What a deep vision of life's ins- and outs- hopes and disappointments--and the joy of stomping through it all!

trinitystar said...

Great imagery in my mind ... :o)

polona said...

i'll add my WOW! to others.
love the layers in this one!

CW said...

Good to see you are still writing good stuff, Pat!

All the best,

CW Hawes

gautami tripathy said...

Fluidity of the images here. Starting from obscure to the concrete. I can't get over it.

Bill said...

Just yesterday, for instance . . .

But I don't want to depress you.

steve said...

there are days when the soles are wearing thin

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Joyce!!

"Liquidy", I like it. Thanks Boulies!!

Thanks MB!!

Barnes, thank you!! The pleasure was mine.

Thank you Margie!! glad you're back reading and listening.

Thanks Andrew for the wonderful compliment!!

Mud puddles are kid magnets. Thanks Vaughn!!

Thank you QNT!! I plan on returning the ones I "borrowed", after I get the mud off them.

Dsnake, I hope you're sipping a cool libation while listening. Thank you!!

Thanks Floots!! Would be nice to skip a mud puddle or two.

Thanks Pris!!

Thanks Janice!!

Thank you Corey!! Just like dessert...

Lyrically speaking, thank you!!

Thanks Kai!!

Thanks Borut!!

Vivian, a reality any living, breathing human being can relate to. Thank you!!

Thanks Trinitystar!!

Polona, your WOW's are most appreciated!!

CW, good to see you're still around too. Thanks for stopping by, come again. Been reading some of your work in Makata, good stuff!!

Thank you Gautami!!

Bill, I don't think any of us ever get too far away from the puddles. Thanks!!

Thinner and thinner, Steve, thinner and thinner.