Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shadows In The Rain

Shadow wings
over a gypsum moon,
born of a soft white sun
in a brass-lamp world.

Paper dolls weep
in rain walls without doors;
tears are seeds of laughter
in the hands of an old muse.


gautami tripathy said...

I can relate with the last two lines.

You imagery takes us to another world.

polona said...

stunning images!
love it!

Margie said...

Very lovely!
Love this one Pat!

jel said...

they are a trip :)


Kai C. said...


now thats deep!

Don Iannone said...

Great one. I agree with Polona on the images. Love the close:

"tears are seeds of laughter
in the hands of an old muse."

firebird said... the hands of an "old muse"...
images are so vividly soft...
and clear...
the words disappear...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like the last 2 lines!

floots said...

there's no muse like an old muse
well done pat

Rethabile said...

The last two lines are so true it hurts.

<whisper>BTW, I had to look up gypsum</whisper>

MB said...

Softly haunting images.

tears are seeds of laughter

tongue in cheek said...

Soft and strong, those two words are the ones I like to hold hands with. Your poem offers that.

Paul said...

I like the palpable imagery in this.

Cathy said...

I can't relate to the rain these days; it is more bitter cold frost.
Looking forward to the next one, as always,

Carol said...

I like that old muse.

trinitystar said...

:o) :o) ;O) perfect
love ... rain walls without doors.

dsnake1 said...


great images.
love the last two lines.

Borut said...

Yes, stunning images, a trip into another dimension! My barren old reason is at a loss for words...

Pris said...

This is VERY nice, Pat!!

(check my sailing thread. I left you a note back about the Bahamas you might want to read)

Anonymous said...

wow!! this is really beautiful, Pat! I love your way with words!

Masago said...

Beautiful. I was also amused when I first read the last word as "mouse".

steve said...

this muse reminds me of Homer's

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Gautami!!

Thank you Polona!!

Thanks Margie!!

Janice, they are!! Thank you!!

Kai, just hand shadows on the wall. Thank you!!

Thanks Don!!

Have to find a way to entertain upset children on a rainy day. Thank you Vivian!!

Thanks Andrew!!

Floots, you are right. Thank you!!

Thanks Rethabile!!

Thanks MB!!

Thank you Corey!!

Thanks Paul!!

Cathy, I'm sure you can relate to entertaining kids on rainy days too. Thank you!!

Thank you Carol, I'm kind of fond of him myself.

Thank you Trinitystar, that was my favorite too.

Thanks Dsnake!!

Borut, I can't imagine your reason at a loss for words. Thanks!!

Thanks Pris!!

Urban Butterfly we have a mutual admiration society for each others words. Thank you!!

Vaughn, I've been called alot of things, but mouse... Thanks!!

Homer Wolscowsky??