Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Trees

The oaks in our front yard,
like a pair of randy young studs,
fling about their flirtations
at every hussy passing breeze.
This is how they procreate
I understand, I understand…
but, Lord God Almighty
why does everything,
including my nose and truck,
have to be coated with their joy?

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lainey said...

too much sex, huh, Pat?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm covered with it here -- 2 oaks in my yard - but I'll never think of it the same again! :)

floots said...

a smile
a cringe
a very valid question
thanks pat

trinitystar said...

hahaha. You are mad! Cheered me up on this dank and miserable day.

Nancy said...

Pat, you are to funny. Our tree's are sharing here in Boston yet. I dread the pollen season but love the poem.

Kai C. said...


gautami tripathy said...

I couldn't stop laughing. You made my day!!

"This is how they procreate
I understand, I understand…"

Janice Thomson said...

Fantastic Pat...I loved this! For me it's the pollen off the pine trees which is later in the even gets in the house- a layer of yellow dust everywhere.

polona said...

funny and cute and annoying...

JaneDoughnut said...

Ha! I feel you on this one. What a great way to put your frustration. Can I share it with some fellow Southerners?

Don Iannone said...

Life has a way of spreading its joy in ways we oft don't understand...Good one!

sage said...

I prefer to have oak pollen on my truck than pine sap--I'm already dreading spring and the trees are just beginning to bud here.

Margie said...

Hi pat
Hope you are having a great weekend!
You gave me a good chuckle with this one.
Loved it!

P.S I've missed out on some great poems here.
Love them all.

ann said...

oh you are a party pooper... they just wanna have fun

Nea said...

coated in yellow powder......everything, including the cat if he stays in one place for every long. you should see my car......

Liked this one Pat.......very appropriate....

Russell Ragsdale said...

Spoilsport! You'd take the pollen out of pollenating. Can't you see the smiles on the trees?

Seriously, what a fun poem Pat.

Pat Paulk said...

Lainey, only with the trees.

Andrew I quess when you get to only once a year...

Floots, my truck looks like a cheap motel sheet. Thanks!!

Trinitystar, my pleasure!!

Nancy, hopefully ours wiil be over soon. Thank you!!

Thanks Kai!!

Gautami, your comment makes my day!!

Janice Thomson, we have the pines too, but it's oaks in my front yard causing most of the trouble for us. Thank you!!

A Polona WOW!! Thank you!!

Janedoughnut, of course you can. Thank you for the compliment.

Don, nature doesn't get embarassed by what comes natural. Thanks!!

Sage, I've learned that one the hard way. Thanks!!

Margie, thank you!! How's the new member of your family.

Ann, I just like to play in my own party.

Thanks Nea!! Hopefully we'll get rain today and get rid of some of it.

Russell, I see their "smiles" on everything. Thank you Sir!!