Thursday, March 22, 2007

Late Afternoon

Soft, white petals
tumble down the slope
of a gentle breeze.

Birdsong, like
a kite tail, follows
a setting sun.

My thoughts
end the day
on the night ahead.


Masago said...

Plain could you not have sweet dreams going to bed with thoughts like this?

Nancy said...

A nice a peaceful though to keep with me for the day. Thanks

tongue in cheek said...

After yesterday's beef this is sugar and spice.

gautami tripathy said...

This is soothing to the mind after that turbulent stew..

Janice Thomson said...

This is beautiful Pat...savored every serene word of it.

Nea said...

very peaceful......beautiful and enjoyable Pat...... :)

firebird said...

I was envying your serene and lyrical state of mind--(so unlike mine)--
then I read the previous poem--
Oh, now I get it--yin and yang...!

trinitystar said...

Lovely flow ... and sereness.
Have a wonderful day.

Don Iannone said...

A beauty, Pat. Nicely done.

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Vaughn!!

Thanks Nancy!!

Corey, ghost stew ain't too tasty!! Thanks!!

Gautami, yes it is!!

Thanks Janice Thomson!!

Thanks Nea!!

Vivian, serene like a roller coaster.

Thank you Trinitystar!!


MB said...

I especially like that second stanza. It's a great image.

polona said...

beautiful. just beautiful!

Borut said...

I love it, simply beautiful!:)

floots said...

"birdsong like a kite tail" - great

Russell Ragsdale said...

Peaceful and lyrical -- a wonderful moment's experience. Just great Pat! I can see I have sopme catching up to do! Are you busy too? I don't see any posts after the 23rd.