Saturday, March 03, 2007

Two Act Day

With high reaching wings,
and propelling blades, it ignores
the wistful wants of waiting clouds
to take the hand of a rising sun.

Seagulls circle like tethered toys
looking for silver glints of edible scales;
a pair of mallards indignantly demand
drive-through orders of hand tossed bread.

Coffee cups echo with chit-chat noise,
frying bacon wafts like a sirens song.
Morning has directed her characters of choice,
this afternoon we’ll see the wind perform.


Kai C. said...

i like.......

Anonymous said...

Great work, Pat. Some beautiful and deep images here.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Like the last poem, the tone here is wonderful. It is calasically you with this wonderful tone. I love it.

steve said...

sounds like a great time at the beach - could sure use some of that!

"silver glints of edible scales" - cool description (the others are, too!)

Don Iannone said...

A nice one...very much so. Hoping you are well, Pat.

Nea said...

takes me to the beach.......lying on my back in the sand, sharing the day with the gulls, the wind and a drink.....very descriptive.....

MB said...

I enjoyed the sounds in this one, Pat.

Masago said...

Marvelous, my friend! Takes me right there.

polona said...

this makes me want to be there at the show... great stuff!

Margie said...

Love this one Pat!

Margie said...

Love this one Pat!

Paul said...

I like the detail and how you bring it together.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wish I was there!

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Kai!!

Thanks Barnes!! Just Satdy mornin at the lake.

Thank you Russell!!

Steve, plus or minus 300 miles northwest of the beach, the lake, but water and sun are good where ever they are. Thanks!!

Thanks Don!!

Thanks Nea!! Just little ole Lake Lanier.

Thanks MB!!

Thanks Vaughn!! Anytime.

Polona, come on!! Thank you!!

Thanks Margie X 2!!

Thank you Paul!!

Anytime Andrew!!

dsnake1 said...

lovely images, pat.
i enjoyed reading this aloud. :)

melinda said...

all my senses moving on this one!