Sunday, December 10, 2006

Black Fire

Ghosts spawn in the seepage
of pustulous words,

they mimic and mock,
torment and taunt.

Truth is known,
but lies are chosen,
darkness breeds black fire.


catnapping said...

I've seen gangrene. You've described it perfectly.

Lies do infect and rot. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff, Pat! I particularly like "Ghosts spawn in the seepage / of pustulous words". Good one.

Anonymous said...

The first two lines just get embedded it mind..

My first reaction was...What is this!

I relate to this. I can't tell you in what ways..

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very dark! speechless...

samuru999 said...

Was this the poem you lost?
It's dark Pat!
But very good!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Truth is known,
but lies are chosen.

How a few words can say it all and say it well!!

Cathy said...

Oh, did someone say something terrible t you, Pat? I completely understand this poem (or at least I've interpreted it to relate to seomthing that I understand).

Russell Ragsdale said...

The music from the start perfectly prepares the way for

Truth is known,
but lies are chosen

Hey, where's Yoda?

Seriously, Pat, this is powerful stuff!

Anonymous said...

...from the chronicles of the underbelly of human relations. ;-)

MB said...

Seven strong, lean lines. This is a muscular little poem of dark truths. Wonderful!

Poetry by Kai said...

good one, pat

floots said...

powerful things these words
(and you use them well)

doughnutjane said...

Great piece. Bonus points for finding poetic use of the word pustulous.

C said...

Reminds me of my son's VeggieTales movie about the Rumor Weed.

mikaelah said...

spoken with authority

polona said...

ah, the power of words!
another wow! poem, pat!

Anonymous said...

so much power in those words.
great stuff!

trinitystar said...

Ditto on that ... Ghosts spawn in seepage of pustulous words ... wow ... great group of words.

Anonymous said...

Nice way with words!

Kimmy said...

Powerful words.

Kimmy said...

Powerful words.

ann said...

eeeeeeeek.... scary

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Pat Paulk said...

Thanks Rebecca!! They mostly rot the roots they're grown in.

Thanks SB!! Has a real "yucky" image to it.

Gautami, Thanks!! I think most do in vary ways.

Thanks Andrew!! Their are people in this world that should have their vocal chords removed. I include most politicians in that category.

Thanks Margie!! No this is the one I found.

Thanks Corey!!

Thanks Cathy!! I think most of us can.

Thanks Russell!! I slipped over the edge for a brief visit.

Vaughn, dead on!!

Thanks MB!! With all my walking I'm getting quite muscular...NOT!!

Thank you Kai!!

Thanks Floots!!

Doughnutjane,thanks!! I'll take all the bonus points I can get.

C, sounds like some dark reading.

Thanks Mikaelah!! Truth makes for powerful writing.

Polona, you WOW me with your WOW's!! Thanks!!

Thanks Dsnake!!

Thank you Trinitystar!!

Thanks Joyce!!

Thanks Kimmy!!

Real life can be. Thanks Ann!!